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A further complicating factor is the growing use of corn and cane sugar to produce biofuels as substitutes for gasoline. In particular, the United States now unwisely devotes a sizable fraction of its corn output to biofuel production.

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moose - although she may never have cause to use that one************Isn't English fun?! !?

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Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???


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It is amazing what fear can lead us to believe. You brought me along with you, though I started getting a little pissed the Army would risk killing it's own soldiers. Nice piece of writing my friend. Glad to see it is where it belongs...on the cover.

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This is an amazing piece that kept me reading on the edge of my seat till the end.

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This was amazing. I was there with you - and it's as close as I want to get to a military experience.

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wonderful story. I was expecting a different ending. Cool, marvelous story....

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Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton fictional biography stuff was an effective use of a "Oh man wouldn't it be cool IF" scenario.

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Yes, their show ran on at least two different LA home stations and ran on into the 1980's syndicated all over the place. Good for you, Lipwak, for transcribing some!


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