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We can see this effect w/o a "study", while the strapped middle class or lower income person will shoot off to the mall with even a small tax rebate -- new shoes for Jr, a trip to see grandparents, etc. the much larger check coming to the upper income home is likely to go in the bank.

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There may also be a practical ceiling on the rate of economic growth of a mature, highly complex economy. Maybe at a growth rate above 3 percent, labor and materials shortages create bottlenecks and inflation that make it prudent for the Federal Reserve to push up interest rates in order to slow down growth.

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Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???

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That was my thought,too.

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Do you think that paying primary care physicians more will get better ones or do you agree with your recent WSJ article that paying judges more will not get better judges? After all, human nature is human nature.

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Do you think that Bush administration made some good changes in the economy? In my opinion only wars and weapon were "on demand". That`s why the situation is not bright in front of the US citizens. Since the "Credit rating" was down in a few weeks the ability US to get more credibility was also down.

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Wonderful tribute to your friend, Matt, and heartbreaking. I'm sorry you lost him.

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Thanks, Gary. It just occurred to me the euphoria could have been delusional. My estimation as to how high the bullets actually were might have been pure hallucination.

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Wonderful writing and a fascinating story, Matt! I was fearful all might not end well for a moment there but boy was I smiling when that jackrabbit took off!

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This was excellent! Although it was ten years later and I had the M16, I was there with you pal, and just as scared!

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