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Roy Forsyth

I don’t agree with the total legalisation of hard drugs (heroin, cocaine) but obviously can see the benefits i.e. reduced crime rates. With the prison rates so high in the US I don’t see them being able to sustain this for much longer, especially ridiculous sentences for possession of marijuana. In my eyes, the Netherlands have the correct approach to drugs. Licensed cafes and the likes decriminalise softer drugs, and also give the economy a boost.

Kind regards,

Brian Smith


Karen Millen Dresses - how can you call Professor Becker a fake professor? Not only is he one of the top economists in the world, but he has won a Nobel Prize for his contribution in the field. You should focus on giving us actual arguments in favor of drug prohibition rather than insult one of the smartest people in the world and his readers.

I personally find this article sound and informative.The human casualties caused by drug violence is enough to justify legalization.

karen millen

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karen millen

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The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure?


I still say that media and a collective effort from world leaders, is our way out. http://www.stopoxy.com

Andrés Moya

Thank you for your post professor. You mention that countries torn by the drug wars could be better off allowing drugs to be shipped to the US, in order "to put the full burden of stopping these shipments on American enforcement agencies". Legalizing in the south but not in the north, however, would keep markups and profits considerably high. Drug dealers, cartels, and armed groups, who currently benefit from this war, would then want to protect their business and even set up entrance barriers by the use of violence and corruption. Sadly, unless there is a movement up north to legalize drugs, we still seem doomed by the extent of drug-related violence.

Joel T.

Before this silly war on crime, imposed by the US government to the Mexican government, drug trafficking had pretty much "free pass" through Mexico into the US. It was tolerated by the Mexican government, not legal.

If Mexico were to allow this "free pass" once again, I am certain that the violence would come to an end in many Mexican cities, but it could potentially spill into the US. That's why I doubt the Mexican government would make that decision and why the US government wouldn't allow such thing.

You see, contrary to popular belief, the Mexican government does what the American government asks or wants.

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war on drug was a joke. Nancy Regan had a good run with it in the 80's. It got some attention on the subject, but the problem only gotten worse not better....

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War on drug focus on drugs that came through Mexico or South America. The problem only gotten worse cause now the drugs are all synthetic and far more deadly, worst of all, it's domestically made.

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America's war on drugs is the most successful war it has ever waged. Its goal was not the elimination of drug use but the creation of a way to criminalise the poor and certain ethnic groups who coincidentally are poor. why else is possession the rich white man's drug of choice have a lesser penalty than that of the poor black man's drug not of choice but affordability? Opps caught with a joint well Mr non-white you cant vote anymore or get a college loan so you will stay poor get paid crap and treated worse until you take more drugs to cope and get caught a third time then you go to a private run (profit for rich people) corporation owned prison for life! Now your life is in fact worth something to the elite.


Plus the control of quality of drugs by the State.

Health Lab

If you believe it is fair for all concerned, it will withstand the test of time.

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