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Cindy Margott

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Rosetta Stone

Most of the “costs” represent simply lost tax revenues; the Act extends tax cuts, made a decade ago, that would have expired at the end of this year—but the payroll (i.e., social security) tax deduction and extension of unemployment benefits, along with some of the other tax provisions

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loyment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010, which President Obama signed into law on December 17, is being described as an $858 billion stimulus bill. But this is imprecise.

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Very excellent. The details of your experience converge through description into a finely tuned human reminder of both the terror and technologic futulity of violence.

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That would be fine if that is what happened. But, despite your obvious business expertise, there is a chance that all books will someday be sold online.

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This is a very thoughtful piece. Sheds light on a subject that is causing much consternation among the book-loving community.

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That would have been a pesky parole officer for your friend rather than probation officer.

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This story generated feeling of fear and dread until the end. Euphoria can happen from this type of contrasting dread and realization.

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It is amazing what fear can lead us to believe. You brought me along with you, though I started getting a little pissed the Army would risk killing it's own soldiers. Nice piece of writing my friend. Glad to see it is where it belongs...on the cover.

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