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SweetNik .Sounds terrific. A lot like Dearborn when you were small. I'm glad you're lovin' it. A liarrby card would be good. Have fun. Add more pics soon. (Card came back today and I'll put it back in with the PO Box # instead.) I'll let G-ma and G-pa know too. Many kisses .


Powell's! Life just hasn't been lived until you've been. It is a book lovers dream come true. When I vieistd I felt like I could spend a week there and still not see even half of what interested me.What fun collection you gathered!


There are no better snvieours than books!! You lucky ducky you!! My challenge is not reading them as we journey. I don't want to miss any sites along the way! Not sure everyone else is so torn though....Happy vacationing!!


Thanks for the suggestion! I will be sure to check it out when I'm in Chicago next. I, too, love digngig around used book stores. I'm still bummed about this book of poems I found at used bookstore in Door County, just after I finished college. It was a whopping $5 and I opted not to buy it because I was trying to save money post-college. I have never been able to find the book since then, but it's fun to look for it!


It is sad to see a business go but from my pecrpestive most modern bookstores do not offer much of what I need. I am in a technical field and the books that I normally buy are very specialized. Sometimes the bookstores have the titles but most times not. If I have to spend money on gas to get there then it is more convenient to just buy the book online because I have a bigger selection, lower prices, and more convenience. For just reading books (as opposed to technical or reference books) I prefer an eBook or old books. Traditional, modern bookstores carry neither of these. I also like music but the book stores typically have a very limited selection of high-priced CDs so that is not a draw either. In summary, the typical bookstore does not offer much for me. Other bookstore models that I like are Half-Priced Books where you can find bargains and the stock changes constantly. I also like used bookstores where you can find treasures from the past and bargains from the present. We used to have a large used bookstore closeby and I would go there often. I never really had anything that I needed but I would normally leave with at least one book. My favorite bookstore model is Third Place Books because they have a small food court, stage with music, book readings, big tables for games and socializing, as well as books. In short, they offer more than just books and I might stop there even if I had no need for a book. They have something for everyone including children and non-readers. I don't see much future for the traditional modern bookstore given the advent of eBooks and the Internet.


cool, hope you like it! be sure to add me as a friend!@Brian I haven't been rndaieg GTD too seriously, just bought it because I had a giftcard to use and thought I could pick up a couple of tips. Some of the theory/system gets really elaborate, and I'm kind of turned off by that. But, if there is one thing to learn from GTD, it is this: you must, must, must have somewhere reliable to store ALL of the things you need to do (whether electronic or paper). Otherwise you will never be able to clear your mind and direct all of your energy on the task at hand. In the past, I have used Cultured Code's Things and Remember the Milk for this purpose, but am in the process of switching to Teux Deux.Goodreads seems to be leading the pack of similar services, has a pretty large user base, and has good fb/twitter integration, so I've ended up keeping up with it better than I expected (also the iphone app helps, I play with it when I'm waiting in line somewhere or something). The most valuable function, in my opinion, is keeping track of books to read in the future (keeping track of books I'm rndaieg at present or that I've read in the past is not quite as important). I know other people use Amazon lists in that way, but I like that Goodreads is dedicated to this purpose.


1. 5 keys, 1 flash drive, and a feather from a pirartdge who was once in a pear tree (just kidding; I don't carry around a flash drive. That would be silly.) I do know what each on of them does, although sometimes I get the key to my house and the key to my office at work mixed up sometimes.2. I own two domain names.3. I've read 11 books so far this year (hoping to cram another two in to get to lucky 13. Fingers crossed.) My favorite was Blue Like Jazz. I've been a little busy lately and didn't have to read it in 2003 like everyone else.


I really have no great idea's on inevnting the bookstores of the future. I love to read books, But I never buy a book unless its used or something I am sure to like and read over again and again. I like the thought of e-books but I find them sometimes more expensive then the books themselves.. if it were more reasonable I think that would be the wave of the future (of course that is if they could find away to stop people from copying and distributing them) which is almost impossible with today's technology geeks. I also fear that the kids today just don't read and someday our language will look something like this R U THRR? cause with the shortcuts they take to text each other I see that a lot of the young kids don't even know how to spell the simplest of words. My best friends daughter is 13 and she texts all the time like this, wont read a book unless it is for school and even then it is with complaint and wont play a video game unless it has all cut scenes video format vs the reading of how the story began. Its becoming like that movie Idiocracy, where eventually you will go into a hospital and a computer will diagnose you after you go through a cashier that asks you what hurts and punches it in on a computer with pictured buttons of your head, neck, back, legs, arms and torso.


Its sad and happening all over. More redears are into e-books and the lack of purchasing has forced brick mortar stores to close. I clearly agree about the crafty books being a lil too fluffy, but enjoy them when I need a break from reading urban lit especially after finishing the late Steig Larsons' Millennium Trilogy. Awesome reads..I have yet to read Kate Jacobs novels, but have read several of Maggie Seftons, Betty Hechtmen Tim Myers (his novels are soapmaking mysteries ummm yeah I am totally a crafter lol)


1. Three separate key rings, depdneing on what I'm doing. 1 car key, 1 house key, and the work set has about 20 and I know what all of them are for. I wear those keys on a belt clip with a retracting chain, just like a janitor, even though I'm not one.2. Just one domain. Like the keys, I only carry what I need at the time.3. Around 12. Most impactful one I read was The Four Hour Body. Following the Slow-Carb Diet was a huge catalyst in making significant changes in my health.


1. I have 6 keys on my main keychain, and I know where they all go to. I have aoditidnal (sub?) keychains with a number of keys associated to unknown locks.2. I own 3 domains, having let go of some older ones recently.3. I have read about 15 books this year, with me favorite being the Bible. Duh, like you were going to trick me with that one. Or maybe it was The Making Of The Empire Strikes Back- incredible!


I remember when Borders clsoed here in Ireland about 2 years ago. I was devastated. It was the only place i could get US knitting magazines without subscribing, and their selection of craft books was brilliant. Also, our knitting group met there every week so we were homeless! I'm sad it's gone from the states too, is Barnes Noble the only big group of stores left?


I worked at the UW Bookstore in the mid 80’s – beorfe there were Barnes and Noble superstores in strip malls everywhere. It was a lot like many stores in one – books, music, gifts, art supplies. It was a place you could spend half a day wandering around. Then, once I had kids, we would go to Barnes and Noble as a family and everyone would head to a different section to pick out a book. It was an outing in itself.Now that I live so far from anywhere, I buy most of my books online and I even have a kindle (gasp!) but when we do take a trip to Seattle, we almost always go to B & N for the experience and memories. The bookstore we have here in Winthrop is very nice – they have espresso and a couple of comfy chairs but it’s too small to “get lost” in and the lack of anonymity makes it not the bookstore experience I look for.Bookstore of the future? Something like the UW Bookstore of the 80’s but with good coffee.


1. I have three. I know what all of them are for. That's beaucse I just took three other keys off two weeks ago beaucse I was tired of carrying keys around and not knowing what they were for. 2. Domain name? I don't think I own any. That might be changing very soon. 3. I'm guestimating that I've read about 30-50 books this year. My favorite was definitely The Hunger Games.


1. one key and I know what it is for2. blog on blogger, so not rellay3. 42 books so far. My favorites are Don't Waste Your Life by Piper, Choosing to See by Chapman, Practing Affirmation by Crabtree, Reaching and Teaching by Sills (FYI, I read the Hunger Games a year ago and they were great, so I would agree with all the people before me who enjoyed them.)


I don't know. If I were Bea, I'd march right out onto that battlefield with figner extended into Alan's face Bea: Mr. Alan Warren! All summer with no correspondence, and you finally give me this??? It's beautiful, and certainly of the calibur I've been expecting for months, but the overall sentiment is all wrong! Alan: Umm, Beatrice? This is a battlefield. Can you please leave before you get killed? Bea: I won't die. I'm still alive in two centuries! And stop trying to change the subject!! :)


A bittersweet vcitory. And Bea missed out on the whole thing reading that epic letter.The VI: LOL I seriously thought Alan’s left arm was his jacket caught on something at first and I was trying to figure out what it had snagged on. LolWell, Mr. Warren, judging by the look of it the battle is over and you didn’t die…*raises eyebrow* You’re gonna wish you had when Bea gets to you about that letter. That’s probably her coming now, who they’re all looking at. Lol


It's a problem, isn't it - read to enjoy or let the wreitr in and read like a wreitr?I think you can read critically as a wreitr for a while (maybe 12 months?) and then eventually the critic fades into the background, although never completely gone, and you start to just enjoy the story again!


I too love bookmarks. They don't alawys match the theme of the book though whatever I choose as a bookmark usually matches the season, or the mood I'm in or something. I collect postcards and have some sets of trading cards that have sci-fi/fantasy art, old black and white Avengers pictures, etc. that I often use as bookmarks.I am really anal about my books as well. I have a select few people I will loan books to and I usually remove and store the dust jacket when I do. Any book I have bought new still looks new today. I have very gently packaged my books up for moves as well. I have sent multiple book orders back to Amazon this year because of dents, dings, etc. Really pisses me off when they send damaged merchandise or don't pack it well enough to keep it from being damaged. I don't mind libraries or used book stores if I'm looking for either an antique looking book or if its an old paperback favorite that is hard to find.


Carl, the first thing I do when I get an Amazon order is check out the condition of the books! At least they're good about rrnteus. Iliana, yay! Someone else. :)Lesley, my husband always laughs at me (in a kind way) when I do that at a bookstore. I haven't read Ex Libris, although I've had it on my wishlist for a while. Cath, nice to see you! Like Iliana (above) I keep my bookmarks in a box. Course I'm even anal about the bookmarks and there are the 'good' ones which I rarely use so they don't get worn, and the 'everyday' ones! geesh!


Hmmmm my mom had been thinking about geittng that book but had heard other peoples give it a so-so review, too. Your review has convinced mom not to buy it. Maybe she'll get it at the library instead. Wiggles & Wags,mayzie

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