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When moving a bookstore to a new location, we must make a complete audit and inventory check. The store them in an organized manner for convenient relocation.

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Riots might be less common here because of the social and spatial distancing that protects people from marauders but also prevents people from forming organic communities with any semblance of a common social life that Europe continues to enjoy--at least for now.

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Maybe the knowledge that the debt ceiling could be a dramatic face-off can help the government try to avoid having to raise the debt limit in the future.


I love books, I love reading them, collecting them, the smell of books. I also love technology, but it seems so unnatural to be online or on digital devices 24/7, that kind of lighting isn't even good for your eyes.

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I also think that the market will develop for downtown super bookstores.

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I cant remember the last time I purchased new books, since buying an ipad i just read everything on that. I do not see the point in paying ten times what a digital print cost then a hard cover. Second hand bookshops also offer a wealth of cheap books and is one of my sunday afternoon favourites.

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Thanks for sharing your views.

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As for me i like books and hate Ebooks. I think that bookstores will survive!

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i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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Good Article guys...I always had the same feeling about the books..Itsgoing to be a huge loss


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Printed books will remain strong inspite of the availability of e-books and electronic readings. However, as for bookstores, I do believe they should launch an online store as well to cope with the public's demand.

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With everything being online we will say goodbye forever to

- record stores
- gaming stores
- book shops
- cinemas

Our high streets will be merely left with coffee shops.

Not necessarily a bad thing. Except I don't like coffee.


First comes bookstores, next comes libraries. I don't know but I'm more comfortable reading on paper really.

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I don't think the survival of bookstores are relevant. As long as knowledge is still widely available, through PDF documents or through books, it doesn't really matter.

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Barnes & Noble is probably still trading because of online sales, I was sad to see Borders go out of business.

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I don't know about other people but books will always be way more valuable to me than ebooks and other kinds of digital publications. I'm especially thankful for the hoards of second hand bookshops popping up. I'm positive bookstores will continue to thrive... second hand or not. It's all a matter of preference and people who patronize them.

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Thanks for the comment, Jason. An app is neeedd so you are able to sell your ebooks in Apple's App Store to reach customers on iPad and iPhone. You are absolutely right about the fact that people have to know about a book and then want to buy. In much the same way a Web site helps promote work, an iPad/iPhone app is the next step. AuthorMob not only enables publishers and authors to tap into a new revenue stream from ebook sales in Apple's App Store, but it is also used to connect to readers, cross promote and sell more books. Use a personal bookshelf to place paid books or free samples that you would like to promote, give readers a premium experience with control over font size, spacing, lighting and background, connect the app to your blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds so your fans get updated news from multiple sources on their iPhone, and send timed, geo-targeted messages to your most influential readers even when their app is not open so events get shared on Facebook and Twitter.Resolve Market Research recently released a study that found 49 percent of people would not purchase standalone e-readers, such as Kindle or Nook, after owning an iPad. And with five percent of total book sales from the first quarter of 2010 coming from digital reading (up from 1.5 percent of total book sales in all of 2009), it is becoming increasingly important for authors and publishers to establish a presence in Apple's App Store.

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