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Good heavens. Nothing like a post on economic inequality to bring the Marxists out of the woodwork.

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This sheds some light on the possible roots of your misogynistic tendencies Matt.

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The writing here was exquisite, with great flow and a compelling tale. I relaxed at your epiphany when you figured out that the danger was being exaggerated.

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Read this last night but had trouble commenting at the time, so I'll chime in now to say good job of relating your experience here.

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It is amazing what fear can lead us to believe. You brought me along with you, though I started getting a little pissed the Army would risk killing it's own soldiers. Nice piece of writing my friend. Glad to see it is where it belongs...on the cover.

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This is an amazing piece that kept me reading on the edge of my seat till the end.

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This was amazing. I was there with you - and it's as close as I want to get to a military experience.

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A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.


good leaders definitely needs good or even better successors. but thats not always the case.

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