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I just realized I'll still be typing next week if I keep talking about the great stuff we've gotten, so I'm going to list it!

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Maybe the knowledge that the debt ceiling could be a dramatic face-off can help the government try to avoid having to raise the debt limit in the future.

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obviously screening is very crucial and yes every serious illness is treatable only when it is detected in early stages.


This a great way to be diagnose with cancer. If diagnose, don't hesitate to get treated right away.

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As they say "prevention is better than cure". I'm glad the government is making a effort to prevent more diseases.

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Yes all of us needs a thorough medical screening for potential diseases at least once every five years. But will our government shoulder this medical costs? I guess we are still on our own then.

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Cardiovascular Disease is one of the most preventable of all diseases. If screened for in the workplace, heart disease, complications from diabetes, vascular disease and peripheral artery disease would be affected positively.

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I would add a large dose of values, which, as I said in my entry in the other blog, I very much don't want government providing. In fact, unless we can somehow restore traditional good values I am pessimistic for the future of the country. Let’s start with toleration and compromise.

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The disease is one of the most important fields of medicine, yet it’s devilishly complex and there’s too much information for any single practitioner to keep up with.

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