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Prof Becker that the right to strike by public sector unions must severely checked, but not their general right to bargain...

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Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???

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Perhaps because they pay into it. I would imagine that those of us who are required by law to pay into Medicare or Social Security despite having a preference for providing for their own retirement would not take kindly to in addition get nothing in return.

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Do you think that paying primary care physicians more will get better ones or do you agree with your recent WSJ article that paying judges more will not get better judges? After all, human nature is human nature.

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The govt. has never been so effective to keep its employees in union and most of the times people moved on against govt. But now private sector has done take over on govt. sector.

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Having higher numbers of occupants per existing structure doesn't bode well for selling off the homes having fallen or about to fall into the laps of bankers.All of the sci-fi stories pointed to a shorter work week, more leisure time and industries developing around increased leisure time coupled with the income to enjoy it. We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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The bitter truth is that the employment prospects for a recent college grad are far more grim, especially full-time employment in their field of study.

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The Occupy Movement and everyone else worried about earnings inequality should be emphasizing the need to find ways to encourage more high school dropouts and high school graduates to get the required background and study habits so that they can, and want to, continue on for a college education.

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There‘s always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

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As compared to the post-World War II era, Americans with high school diplomas today are much less likely to find manufacturing jobs, because there are 2-3 billion people in emerging economies with similar skills who are willing to work more cheaply in order to have a shot at attaining a middle class standard of living.

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Global demographics instruct that manufacturing job growth in nations with emerging economies will continue to outpace manufacturing job growth in America.

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Review by Joy Reznor for Rating: I've enjoyed some of Eric Stanze's pvreious films (ICE FROM THE SUN, SCRAPBOOK, etc.) and when I heard he teamed up with Robin Garrels (who wrote and starred in INSANIAC, which is another film I enjoyed) to make this movie, I thought it would be interesting to see.You can tell that both Stanze and Garrels are big fans of David Lynch with its bizarre, expressive storyline that doesn't always make sense (although the pieces do all add up if you think about it) and interesting well-composed visuals. The movie also has a very rich electronic soundtrack (which you can listen to separately on the DVD on an isolated track very cool) which adds to the movie's twisted ambience. I was also impressed by the performances. DJ Vivona, who was great in ICE FROM THE SUN, does good work here, and Eli DeGeer gave a solid, emotional performance, but I thought Jason Allen Wolfe totally stole the show. Where did this guy come from? He did an awesome job in this and I was excited to read that he has a role in Stanze latest flick, DEADWOOD PARK. Can't wait to check that one out!CHINA WHITE SERPENTINE has lots of skin, solid acting, creative camera work, and a little blood thrown in for good measure. What else can you ask for in a low-budget flick? A great collaboration between two of the indie scenes more creative filmmakers. Check it out!


Review by Sid Stirling for Rating: This movie packs an emotional punch. The trpeipd-out, drug-amped characters -portrayed by Jason Allen Wolfe, Eli DeGeer, and Amanda Booth are entangled in a web of deceit and sexual enslavement. The story is represented beautifully with a mix of sexual and horrifying visuals coupled with well-acted roles that embody the downward spiral of drug and sex addictions. The directing combination of low-budget movie veteran Eric Stanze (SAVAGE HARVEST, ICE FROM THE SUN, SCRAPBOOK) and relative newcomer Robin Garrels (INSANIAC) lends to a new look for independent movies. The music score used, also adds to the whole experience, helping to immerse you in this twisted maze of a story. I have watched this movie several times and it holds up each time I watch it. I highly recommend this movie.

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