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Global demographics instruct that manufacturing job growth in nations with emerging economies will continue to outpace manufacturing job growth in America.

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As compared to the post-World War II era, Americans with high school diplomas today are much less likely to find manufacturing jobs, because there are 2-3 billion people in emerging economies with similar skills who are willing to work more cheaply in order to have a shot at attaining a middle class standard of living.

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"Are the Airports, in the interest of greater profits, now leasing Kiosk space to cheap foreign made knockoffs? Whatever happened to Customs enforcement? Or better yet, the I.C.E.? ;) " - I guess they would do everything to keep their heads above water.

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the long run of airline industry has developed consumer protection policy due to the past problems encountered by the firm. these published protection policy has given every passenger the best security and protection they could have. i am just wondering, does the company earn profits from the implementation of the many rules? where do they take advantage then?

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Ferskvand er i centrum, arbejder på Swoosh, mellemsål og langs anklen området.

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I said that the airlines are desperate to pack their planes, because an additional passenger adds much more to revenue than to cost.

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Who are you? Your answer to that question will shape what you do and feel on a daily basis. We each have a unique personal identity, but underneath that are layers of identities that help us to connect with others based on communities, values and interests.

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