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Nic, SD,I have to agree with the doctor.If the young man is of good chatrcaer, responsible, and respected and honorable, then failing to form a family and raise a child or two is cheating his community and the future of the community.It is the teaching of chatrcaer and values to the next generation, something public education is only moderately capable of, that will prepare the next generation to survive.The education the young man receives, the people skills and place in community and nation that he makes - those are all discarded with his own passing. That is not the way to build a sustainable future.


People are worse than parasites... they are viuesrs... they go somewhere consume all the resources, devastate the location and then move on, whilst spreading and reproducing without concern or consideration under the pretense of human rights.I say bring on the apocalypse... I want to take down as many scum sucking bipeds as I can, all of them to hell where I can torture their souls for all eternity... die you filthy human scum... all of you young, old, men, women and children... JUST FUCKING DIE!


I hate the thought that bescuae one doesn't have children one is "selfish." Thank you for assuming I am a horrible person. Maybe I can't have children, and I can't afford to buy (adopt, if you prefer)a child. But nope I guess I am just a selfish human. As far as parasites go, I think we have the potential to go either way. Current trends in the stewardship of the earth point to parasites. But I believe we all can change for the better. Consume less, grow your own etc.. Their is hope for us.


Hi Paul! Thanks for posting about my blogopst. (wasn't sure how to phrase that at all sounds pretty strange?)You may not know, but I was born in Michigan and I really felt that mid west vibe in Werewolves. Around March I visited home while working on the final touches on the book. I would step outside for breaks, taking this big blue-eyed huskie out for walks while getting pelted with acorns by testy squirrels. weirdly perfect, and I wished I could have been experiencing that throughout the whole werewolf process. I check in here regularly to see if you have any cool news. It's great! Looking forward to reading your zombie tale. (between you and me: I'm partial to zombies. *shhhhh*)


Victoria Posted on I WANT SOME BLACK EYED PEAS NOW!! It is so awesome to see the wdefnroul things my classmates are doing, especially when they let their powers combine! *Thumbs up*


Quel blagueur ce Xavier Niel .Il me fait bien rire Proposer syste9matiquement moitie9 moins cher que la courrncence, quelle que soit l'offre Franchement, il faut oser !Economiquement, est ce tenable?A quoi sert donc le catalogue 2008 The Phone House de9pose9 chez un huissier?Xavier Niel le maitre dans l'art d'entretenir le buzz .


Jennifer P. Posted on Hi Leslie, I really your blog. I will irpsine me. I went in for routine blood work last Friday and discovered that I have gained 5 pounds since last September. I work out a lot, but, I also eat out a lot. So, I have to cut back on dining out. Well, I look forward to reading your blog and being irpsined. I'm so proud of you.

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