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As I'm sure you know, many of our policies have been rigged by and for the wealthy who can hold growth stocks and other assets for long periods, paying no taxes, and then if they do need sell off a few to put Jr through Yale or for a down on mansion, they'll only pay the 15% long term cap gains rate, rather than the onerous income taxes born us wage earners.

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Today..... someone announced, median home prices having fallen to $170 (from the peak of over $250k) with perhaps another $5k to go?? (As with any "falling knife" market, momentum is likely to bring prices below the theoretical, and ha! ever elusive "equilibrium". After stalling there for a while, like a ball thrown in the air, perhaps buyer confidence will return with homes selling and prices rising a bit.


THAT is a LOT of lost equity/wealth that will tend to pin down consumer spending for a good while.

Those "worrying" about the Fed ginning up inflation are simply confused by the effect of oil price gouging and soaring H/C costs -- items that will NOT be tempered by Fed "inflation fighting" measures.

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