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I'd vaguely codsnier going with Vodafone on these plans as it looks like the 32GB iPhone 4 is about $100 cheaper than the 3GS at its launch. If VF's network didn't perform as well ad XT then I'd cancel out. I'll wait and see how stocks hold out or whether there's a sellout and weeks long wait for more.(ALFA has made 25 comments)


. . .[3/4-percent sales tax] . . . . only allowed for debt seircve and building improvements. In the meantime, the 3/4-percent sales tax has a surplus of about $2.7 million, as of the end of 2008. "So why is there a $2,700,000 surplus when it should be paying down the debt? Why wasn't it used to put up the UND sign, etc./ or was it?I know it's hard for some people to understand but debt is to be paid off and when the debt gets way too big, borrowing more to increase the debt is NOT the way to fix it. (Even if it's just from another account.)


The city has absolutely no maoovititn in paying the bonds off early if it can use the 3/4 cent for operations. Would you? The Alerus is a dog because GF isn't a destination city and never will be. Look its the middle of March and its 10 below outside. Sounds like someplace I want to be. The Alerus is a great football facility, though. Go Fighting #% ?@!


C.Y. When the sales tax was introduced it was ltieimd to what it could be spent on so that it was used for what it was designed. Hence so they didn't use it to buy signs to hang up, new TV's, or pay for concerts.If you would RTFA you would have caught that the 2.7 mill can not be used to pay down the debt until 2015, when the bonds allow it.PS. the security code is very fitting for this.. Music Watergate


That is a good argument. But if we're going that route, we could argue that the city acltulay has a motivation to pay off the Alerus Center early because this would lighten our debt load, improve our bond ratings and allow us to borrow more money to build more stuff. How about that monorail, eh?


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