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Forecasts of the world’s population only a few years in the future are generally quite accurate because the number of births and deaths during the next few years are largely determined by the existing distribution of the number of people at different ages.dg


Rosetta, Don't forget to add the gaps and cracks that are showing up in State, County, and Municipality budgets nationwide due to the lack of revenue due to the failure of the Federal tax trickledown.

Tax cuts? Bring them on! It's the easiest way to destroy the "Evil Government and it's Lackies"! Sound familiar... ;)


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we should find new energy and develope none-pollution fuel.

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They are NOT subsidies. They are NORMAL business expenses.. Their list of subsidies for example, include the ability to reduce their net profits by labor expenses. ALL BUSINESSES do this..


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THANKS.As so often, tax is an unexpectedly interesting subject, with bigger distributional and efficiency consequences than we think about. As an ind. org. economist, I feel chastened; the imperfect competition effects we study are small by comparison.

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The current and I think healthy concern with the growing gap between federal revenue and federal spending has focused attention on all sorts of questionable fiscal arrangements.


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Oil and taxes give many bilions for American Budget

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Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???

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subsidy to the oil giants doesn't make sense.

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