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Perhaps because they pay into it. I would imagine that those of us who are required by law to pay into Medicare or Social Security despite having a preference for providing for their own retirement would not take kindly to in addition get nothing in return.

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Do you think that paying primary care physicians more will get better ones or do you agree with your recent WSJ article that paying judges more will not get better judges? After all, human nature is human nature.

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Nice content.. they were private corporations that had been chartered by Congress to promote home ownership...The crisis has changed the financial landscape worldwide and its costs are yet to be evaluated..It contains lots of information...

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The government of Andhra Pradesh has imposed strict limitations on microlending, and the Reserve Bank of India has proposed that similar controls be established throughout India..

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******The job market is constantly moving and growing and if HR professionals are not on top of this movement they and their company can be doomed. As second city alum and HR professional, I've always advocated for basic improv training not just in hr, but for all professionals in general.

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Now we have a great walkway that goes to the beach and to the canals that came from the partnership of community with government

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thanks I continue to be surprised at the extent of subsidy presumed to stem from the deductibility of mortgage interest. True enough, dropping the deduction will make home ownership less favorable and rates of ownership will, almost surely, decline. But those deductions won't be eliminated under any proposal I've seen. The deductions will intead be claimed by landlords


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