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Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment.


What about the production structure?1 Assume current demand is law, what about long-run production?! interest rates are very law, why producers do not invest in the long-run projects?! The possible explanation contributing to the problem is what Prof. Becker mentions: "I believe the main source of slow hiring initially were the many anti-business proposals voiced by some members of Congress and even by the president." but not major reason, to my mind. Artifically low interest rates do not carry sufficient information to make intertemporal decesions. The main problem is about expectations, distortions to the market fundamentals make future look very risky...
"the most effective solution to the weak recovery is not further stimulus packages, nor subsidies to employment or hiring, but an agreement between Congress and the president to cut trillions of dollars from federal spending during the next decade, and to reform the tax system toward a much broader and much flatter personal and corporate tax structure"... Totally agree plus clear monetary policy.

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Yes, the Clinton-Rubin and a host of far more cooperative Congress folk DID raise taxes to lower expected deficits and bring down interest rates and mortgage rates. Good work! Though, haha! now many of "our fiscal conservatives" are trying to blame scads of cheap money for the nearly complete corruption of the financial sector.

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We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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The bitter truth is that the employment prospects for a recent college grad are far more grim, especially full-time employment in their field of study.

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The Occupy Movement and everyone else worried about earnings inequality should be emphasizing the need to find ways to encourage more high school dropouts and high school graduates to get the required background and study habits so that they can, and want to, continue on for a college education.

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As compared to the post-World War II era, Americans with high school diplomas today are much less likely to find manufacturing jobs, because there are 2-3 billion people in emerging economies with similar skills who are willing to work more cheaply in order to have a shot at attaining a middle class standard of living.

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Global demographics instruct that manufacturing job growth in nations with emerging economies will continue to outpace manufacturing job growth in America.

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