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Christopher Graves

Observer, you paint a very rosy future for us in your last post. I hope you turn out to be right.


Observer -- Indeed! They have left us on short step from "Hoovervilles" with the acolytes of the wretched Grover Norquist hellbent on finishing us off.

As for "winning" (anything) soon is said win comes from campaigning on an ALL FOR THE RICH platform while cheerfully gutting the programs of the working folk (and those unfortunates below, who felt the whole brunt of the fallout from the wholesale corruption of "our?" financial sector) it will be due to some form of mass hypnotism rather than anything relating to thought and logic. Difficult to know how long, or why those being oppressed and beaten so badly keep coming back for more.

As for the rest of the "predictions?" Well, let's at least agree that they hardly warrant "denial" or "no clue".

Hmm do you LIVE in AZ? It's curious indeed that nearby NM is such a great state while AZ, where Chief Justice Rehnquist "got his start" by disenfranchising minority voters appears to be flirting with outright fascism. Worrisome that our carpet-bagging gadfly Palin appears to be setting up down there to weasel some sort of "national office", eh?

"Bounty hunters?" Yeah........ must be AZ, eh? You worship that moronic sheriff who warehouses prisoners in tents? That sort of thing?

Is that last one MEANT to be racist? While Ireland too, is reeling from the fallout from Bush admin negligence and the corruption of the world's largest financial sector, the Irish simply are not the desperadoes they were when the Brits were were eating the spuds not afflicted by the blight

Am I right in suspecting something of a split psyche? One with something of fascist bent but still with "concern" for those "sleeping in cars?" Ha! will we see a comment from some 'bagger saying "well they've GOT cars to sleep in, what's the worry?"

Well......... thanks.....

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Sweet. Quick. That’s your regular shtick, isn’t it? Love you most but have to dash. Check your flies, peck on the cheek, check your flies, dash. It can be so miserable.


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The Tea Party will change laws, to punish foreigners who enter this land without permission, severely; just like Mexico and other governments. The Tea Party will amend the 1986 Immigration law, to make it substantially easy for exceptional people with profession skills, to get special visas; including entrepreneurs. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, and caucus leader of the TEA PARTY is the perfect Representative of all Americans and those legalized and would enforce laws as president, including --FAIR--trade agreements for THE PEOPLE'S interests. Texas Governor Rick Perry, a potential new contender for the highest job in the land, may sprint ahead as a new TEA Party candidate. In Austin, he upset Liberal and democratic critics, by enacting new strict policing laws to determine who is in America legally and those who should be deported, that must be approved by the House; with assurances it will pass. Time will tell if he fits in to the Tea Party criteria to enforce Immigration laws, in the great State of Texas.

Since 1986 Act, the largest group of migrants and immigrants that come here, never paid a penny into welfare, Social Security and Pensions that taxpayers have been paying ever since. They were the sponsored immediate family under the term—CHAIN MIGRATION. These persons never received monetary support as required by Federal law; but left to their own devises. There is a huge outlay for illegal immigrants that ranges from billions into the Trillions, for yet another Amnesty.

Then we have the usual Anti-Sovereignty critics, The American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Immigration Law Center who are out to wreck any law that helps taxpayers in this recession to remove by deportation or through E-Verify or Secure Communities, illegal aliens who are bankrupting individual states. Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Arizona are under attack by these illegal alien sympathizers, who are relentless in trying to destroy American taxpayers standard of living, by demanding rights for foreign aliens. It should be remembered that the ACLU was founded by a Communist and all receive donations from billionaire George Soros, who has openly declared in his ideology that America becomes subservient to International law, the United Nations and other plagues, introduced into America by the Liberals. The opposite to these hypocrites is "Judicial Watch", that keeps a sharp eye on their pro-illegal immigrant court cases and incessant corruption in Washington and all 50 States.

The TEA PARTY has the--ONLY--answers to engorged government, less taxes and responsibility to Americans and not Foreign Nationals, who have invaded our country. American should not have to compete with unwelcome people from other countries, from across the worlds, which come here to have babies and stealing discretionary entitlements from legal immigrants and citizens. The Dream Act can activate yet another mass CHAIN MIGRATION, that all eventually calculated spurs a pyramid effect of thousands upon thousands of families, as did the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act.

The TEA PARTY now occupies a very large proportion of America's voting public, but we still must be concerned with illegal aliens voting 2012 and other elections. Twenty Million plus foreign aliens could make a big dent, in assuring a overflow vote as a second term for this president? Surf the web and read about Voter Fraud around the country as this is could be a serious problem for citizens, no matter the rhetoric from the other part.

The TEA PARTY is the--ONLY--party that condemns any mention of citizenship for illegal aliens, which have lowered wages for the low income brackets, and disrupted the lawful rights of citizens and residents. The Tea PARTY is all American and legal entries and does not discriminate Religion, Race, Sexual Orientation of people. We are Black, White, Hispanic, Latino, Asian and anybody who came legally to this magnificent country.

Overcrowded classrooms, emergency rooms unable to cope for the surge of foreign nation, with West coast hospitals fate sealed in closings, by huge unpaid bills. Excepting that the US government fallacy, that there are only 11.5 million, goes beyond ridiculous, when its inherent that there are more than 20 million by other surveys. (The Conservative Heritage Foundation offers many statistics, as does NumbersUSA with reputable sources. Activists are complaining that the school education budget is wilting, but may be the question to ask, is HOW MANY ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN ARE FILLING CLASSROOM SEATS. THE PARENTS ARE HERE ILLEGALLY, PAID NOTHING AND THEN EXPECTS A FREE EDUCATION FOR THEIR BROODS. THESE LAWS FORCED BY THE COURTS, BUT AN UNFUNDED MANDATE FROM WASHINGTON. View the Heritage Foundation web site, and be aware another Amnesty carries a price tag of $2.4 Trillion dollars, if only 11 million are given a path to citizenship.

Arizona needs our help and those not content with the governments excuses for not constructing the REAL DOUBLE FENCE--can donate to the website at: https://www.buildtheborderfence.com/azborder/index.xhtml Organizers in the State Legislature, which created the fund the initial objective is to raise some $50 million; to get the work underway. As with the previous alert for donations for combating the (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union filings, of objections to policing laws with the federal court, the money will definitely start rolling in. PHOENIX - The totals are in from the first day of donations to help build a fence along the Arizona-Mexico border, was more than $58000!, from 1265 donors in just the first 24 hours.

It allows the average Americans who is angry and frustrated with the inability of Washington to address the problem of illegal immigration to contribute personally to the fence. Of course Leftist Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, expressed reservations about the effectiveness of physical barriers at the border, using the old diatribe about the 51 foot ladder. However, that illegal alien scaling a ladder, but being confronted by Concertina Razor wire would certainly attain a different response. It should be repeated to reveal that 8 million or more, illegal aliens have been occupying jobs, which should be in American hands.

Utah, California, Nevada will become a giant magnet, as--ECONOMIC--illegal aliens by word of mouth, will skirt Arizona and other States with harsh policing laws and instead for refuges were they can collect more free handouts and hope that the dollars don't deplete from taxpayers. Rep. Lamar Smith's (R-San Antonio) push for mandated E-Verify is the best news jobless American workers under Obama could here. Upgraded with nationwide Drivers license information could soon make it a formidable deterrent, to catch illegal nationals.

In the California Sanctuary City News:
San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. courts warn of budget disaster, huge delays
It will soon take hours to pay a traffic ticket in San Francisco, months to get court records and at least a year and a half to get a divorce. With a few exceptions, only criminal cases will go to trial. -- Two hundred Superior Court employees, more than 40 percent of the staff, are about to be notified that they will be laid off Sept. 30 because of devastating losses of state funding.

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner
Study finds 500,000 illegal aliens in San Francisco area alone
A new study just released by the Public Policy Institute of California has estimated that there are 563,000 illegal aliens living in the San Francisco Bay area. -- Researchers largely relied on the tax return data of those who used an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which is reserved for taxpayers who do not have a Social Security number..

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" The totals are in from the first day of donations to help build a fence along the Arizona-Mexico border, was more than $58000!, from 1265 donors in just the first 24 hours."

........... Hmm....... any going to the US/Canada 3500 mile border? or the Great Lakes?

......... also, if, after building such a silly project down there, perhaps do a fund raiser for Alaska? We've 3,500 miles of international border, but 30,000 miles of coast line with both ocean going and fishing boat traffic. Oh, and airports appear to be a bit leaky too.

And lastly teabaggers are a cabal of ill-informed rubes being tooled by the likes of the Koch Bros.

Here, read up on the destructive effects of "ALEC" and get back to us, OK?


NASTY underhanded stuff eroding the very fabric of our once fine nation.

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I was based in Acapulco for 5 years and I can tell you the local economy there has seen fantastic growth. I left as the recession hit but tourist dollars are still rolling in from what my amigo's down there are telling me. The US was once the land of hope and glory for many but not so much now.

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wow its a nice that a The Decline in Immigration from Mexico: What It Means for the United States and you are true that a Probably, therefore, restricting immigration is not a sensible policy from the standpoint of stimulating the U.S. economy....


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this is the fact that because of the increase in Mexican war on drugs, border crime is at an all time high. As a result, the cost of traveling to the United States (not just financial, but also physical) has drastically increased.

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Its really very nice to here that there has been decline in illegal immigration.

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The time for a patient response is long past. Too many citizens and former tax payers are sleeping in cars.

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Those states who have gotten just a little tough on illegal immigrants have shown that the problem can be easily fixed. Any enforcement and they will run back South.

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The government of Andhra Pradesh has imposed strict limitations on microlending, and the Reserve Bank of India has proposed that similar controls be established throughout India..

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