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I have to applaud Buffet for what he is doing by giving to charities and getting other billionaires to do the same.

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I Agree with the tax comments. I like the idea of replacing the income tax with a VAT. Everyman should have idea about it. I I think it is a great place to learn more. I read the posted article and enjoy very much.


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There should be a proper Tax pattern because it was like the more you overtime from work the bigger you get tax deduction which is not fair.

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Do you really have to? The study tentatively recommends that the life-saving kits be issued to “some first responders, health care providers, and other workers that support critical infrastructure, as well as their families.” Apparently medical workers aren’t too stupid to live, according to the Institute of, uh, Medicine. And neither are government workers – those postal workers, the cops that will have to accompany them, and anybody else in government who’s smart enough to call himself a first responder (want to bet that includes the Governor?).

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