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The standard of living in the USA is coming down, but the National Destiny has always been in our hands. We just need to make the right decisions and act at the right time.


kvinnor ............ well........ NOT "on average" but surely for those of the long stagnant wages.

2nd graph down is best:


........... after the last depression collective bargaining, stronger work rule and using the government as employer of last resort kinda began to get us out of that mess, but we didn't really get out until the MASSIVE stimulus and huge deficits of WWII.

Me? I'd a lot rather we employ our folks tackling, as the President suggests, in repairing long neglected infrastructure and doing what we must to lower over all fossil fuel consumption and developing the many alternatives.

BTW......... thought any about collective bargaining in your specialty or region?

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the nation forcing both of the professors to jump into the fetid waters. This is not a criticisim in any guise, just an observation that we are all being sucked into the vortex of contention. For historical reference one might read the preamble to The Declaration of Independece especially regarding the grievances against King George ( anaagous to our current federal government).

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Having higher numbers of occupants per existing structure doesn't bode well for selling off the homes having fallen or about to fall into the laps of bankers.All of the sci-fi stories pointed to a shorter work week, more leisure time and industries developing around increased leisure time coupled with the income to enjoy it. We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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We have nothing like that in place or even in mind. Instead those desperate for any kind of job are to work longer hours for less pay and be appreciative for their opportunity.

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The bitter truth is that the employment prospects for a recent college grad are far more grim, especially full-time employment in their field of study.

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The Occupy Movement and everyone else worried about earnings inequality should be emphasizing the need to find ways to encourage more high school dropouts and high school graduates to get the required background and study habits so that they can, and want to, continue on for a college education.

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There‘s always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

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