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This country is already spiralling out of control.


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In January 2012, the limit rose to $16.4 trillion after Senate Democrats voted down a “resolution of disapproval’' that had been passed by House Republicans.


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"There is a better argument for the Fed’s stimulating inflation to reduce mortgage and other consumer debt in real terms than for Congress’s cutting government expenditures. "
But won't it influence interest rates charged for overdrafts and mortgages, as well as savings accounts?

It seems like they're playing with fire (or more accurately with our entire life savings).

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economy even faster than spending will still grow


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It looks like you need to take a political scciene class. The debt ceiling is the issue at hand, but there are more differences than that.Find out where you stand in the political spectrum and make your decision from there. I wouldn't like to influence you in any way, but I would say that if it was up to me, I would not raise the debt ceiling. Think about it, would you raise the credit limit of your college student's credit card after overusing it? Do credit card companies give you the ability to raise your own credit limit? Whether Democrat or Republican, politicians have been spending our money irresponsibly; hence, the constant raising of the debt ceiling. We should not allow the irresponsible spending in Washington.References : Me


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