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tanstaffl, I think you'd better read the fine print on those Descisions, not too mention the dissenting opinions as well (ever heard of "The Rule of Nine"). As for Texas, remember going "Wacko in Waco"? And dare I mention that bizarre "privately organized Miltia" which called itself the "Republic of Texas". Didn't George Bush Jr., while as Governor, have to send out the Texas Rangers (the Governor's private Militia) to clear out that Rats Nest?
I can remember one Ranger comment after debriefing, "Man! Those guys had boobytraps and IEDs all over the place..."


The best way to avoid race riots is to not become a multi-racial society. It's too late for America, Britain and France, but hopefully others are learning from this experience.


"The best way to avoid race riots is to not become a multi-racial society. It's too late for America, Britain and France, but hopefully others are learning from this experience."

Without exploring every implication of that comment, it surely is the case that America is a multi-racial society. As a case in point, consider the race of Americans who can spell, and the alternate race of Americans who cannot. See comment at 10:49 AM.

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This is very dangerous ground for us to be on, because growing as a disciple, is not about attaining moral perfection. Jesus gave his life, not just his life (cliche reference), but his actual life, so that moral perfection was not the standard we were to be judged by anymore. Discipleship, following Jesus, is all about a journey we go on with Jesus toward restoration and wholeness! So it doesn't matter how old the person on this journey is, they are not to be measured by their moral behaviour, but they are to find their measurement in God against that transformational power of what Jesus did on the cross. If this becomes someone's experience then we will see a life transformed by God.
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RA??????? Whew! "Race riots?" Is THAT what you "feel" is going on?

If so..........? do recall religion based wars, the Brits and Irish? Germans and Jews?

Anyway......... I'm sure you hold MLK in high regard for finessing the post WWII race problems with the non-violence that continues to this day.

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Part of the problem with the riots was the fact that the police did not react quick enough. If the police force would have enforced the law quicker, the riots probably would not have been this out of control.

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I guess they didn't think about cameras just like the recent flash mob in NJ.

Mitchell T.

It said that police weren't ready or willing to use anti-riot equipment. Might I suggest shutting down cell phone service in areas. Many of the rioters are getting locations and times for riots via modern day social networking like twitter. If they shut down services temporarily, like the recent BART riots in San Francisco, they might be able to deter the riots.

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The spark that caused the riot was the shooting of a black by police, but the riot that ensued appears to have been dominated by looters (many of them white) hoping to get away with their loot in the confusion of a riot. They seem not to have reckoned with England’s extraordinary network of surveillance cameras, or with the anger of the people (including the Pakistani storekeepers victimized by the looters), which has resulted in many arrests and the swift imposition of substantial prison sentences on the looters and now a movement to evict looters and their families from publicly subsidized housing. The evicted may be more prone to engage in criminal activity, but the hope is that the threat of eviction, and of collective punishment (family members along with the malefactor), will deter more riotous behavior than it encourages.


Too many lazy socialist in Europe that have been spoiled with Free hospitalization, and all the other freebees they get, Now they want Free housing. The English people should stop paying them for doing nothing and make them go to work otherwise they will continue down the same path until so many are receiving welfare that we will all be in a country like India or other third world nations living off others in mud houses and no running water.


"The English Riots—Posner " i can't understand !!!


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Fernando- I had the same reaction to Posner's non sequitur that the President is "actually half black."

Actually what's the relevance Judge Posner?

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