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A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

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Because the vast majority of Americans who still have jobs have some understandable qualms about going into debt not knowing if those jobs will be there next week, they aren't spending or borrowing a lot. Meanwhile those businesses that were too big to fail have figured out that if they just make their remaining employees multitask and do three or four jobs at once, they can keep their payroll low and not risk expanding in a bad economy.

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wow people each of you has a point. Mine, also how could we levy wealthy man into heavy taxes when they never declare well the details of their income. And let us also reminded that the people in the highest position are the one who are wealthy.

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I agree with Warren Buffet. The government should stop coddling these rich people. These big companies should be the best example on helping the government help provide services to the community by paying higher taxes proportionally.

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i do agree with this, why levy more on poor when they haven't enough food to eat, while rich stay behind the back of the gov't officials.

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