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I think it's hilarious, albeit tragic and appalling, that those who think like pathological narcissists or sociopaths - content not to think beyond the cramped confines of their own comfortable little plutocratic niche.

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The market fails all of the time, but then government steps in and gives them a hand out. As long as it's big business and they have some lobby money then they will never go out of business with all the subsidies they get.

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that there was not engouh money thrown into the last stimulus to get it off the ground. I say BO is a liar and is purposely attempting to bankrupt our country to put it into chaos.

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I hardly think that the market failed. I mean there is a demand for solar energy and green living. There was just a lot of mismanagement and politics involved.

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The only way to remain a world power is to have a cost-effective and sustainable supply of it. The recent increase in gas prices has once again brought the issue of energy policy to the forefront of the American psyche.

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Excessive existence of NGOs is another failure

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The use of Becker's view point, while maybe valid in some way at some time, as a starting point is diismssive of a fundamental law of the universe. THINGS CHANGE! One should think and act as a member of The Church of What's Happening Now. This is not my mother's or father's economy anymore. Nor is it their family dynamic either!


John, I strongly bveiele that a population stabilization debate is more fruitful, both from a social, a cultural, and a psychological perspective. And that: considering the nature of the people as well as the person doing the thinking. ^^ I am suggesting that concentrating one's mind-power on advocating, or dreaming about, population reduction (which isn't stupid in itself ie. misunderstand me correctly ), is a nerve-wrecking excersise that can only lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. You see: there are too many natural instincts involved. And the most basic fact remains a most basic fact: making people understand that a woman (no matter where she lives and which culture she belongs to) cannot allow herself to give birth to more than two children hey! that's not going to be easy! oh, not at all! And what about the men? Who are often used to thinking of themselves as family fathers even clan leaders first and foremost ? The cultural, social and psychological drama involved in this topic, is, to say the least, far-reaching. If the landscape doesn't suit your imagination, making changes to the map won't do. And I think it's important that we the thinkers realize that this is the case. If we refuse to do just that, we're becoming nothing but windmill-attackers. As I see it: population stabilization can become a sellable argument. Population reduction can't. Not only because that's a wee bit too depressing, but hey: that's also a valid point.

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