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I do not think Aoba Mu is a good president

Chuck Matthews, SPHR

Your Honor, thanks for breaking it down...best article I have read on the economic analysis of this initiative.

Unfortunately, most of these construction projects will require Davis-Bacon prevailing wage. And, many will be for improvements that are not yet needed. I saw that with Obama's last bailout.

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The problem remains to fight the financial crisis, and to find measure to protect the ones which are the most in the need without letting the other without help!

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As for the Infrastructure problems confronting this Nation, this is due to an old, old Budgetary procedure known as "Robbing Peter to pay Paul". Essentially, you forgo Maintenance and Repairs on Capital and Infrastructure for period. This then gives you extra finances to use as you so desire. This is a short term, not long term budgetary fix. If it is tried in the longterm, Capital and Infrastructure reach a critical state where Maintenance and Repairs must be made or the Capital and Infrastructure fails, sometimes catastrophically, and becomes scrap. Dragging the Nation or Industry down Economically. This is where we are at today. Nationally, at the State and County level and Locally. We have been robbingaul far too long and it is now time to ante up.

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“These appointments give Christian County a voice on issues that affect families and children in Kentucky and nationally,” Judge Fleming said. “My role on the Military Committee will help me better serve our military families stationed right here at Fort Campbell. It is an honor to be selected for these important committees.”

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The speech has garnered attention even among the opposition. He needs to be careful in making a move to eradicate unemployment.

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