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>Hi, Philippa. I am sorry we didn't have time to connect at the paocrrmenfe on Saturday. (I did shout out a question to you from the darkness.) I loved the interpretation, the editing and even the additional speeches. My big, burning question is: Was the play within the play largely a creation of the director or did the actors contribute a lot of the business, e.g. the mechanical dog, the prompter on the skateboard, etc? And most of all, who came up with the idea of Bottom and Flute hooking up on the kiss through the wall's hole? Michael


>Hello Lauren,I wouldn't be woerrid about the age appropriateness of this production. We are always very mindful, with the two Shakespeares at the beginning and end of the season,of our large student matinee audiences. It is an amazing show, full of magic (sometimes literally!) and wonder. I am so sure your 7th grader will love it that if not I will eat my mouse (the desktop one, not the live one).Philippa


xylem369 Posted on Such a bullshit movie!! Apart frm songs and some bits n cnkuhs the whole movie is crap! subhash ghai tera sooraj isiliye doob gaya madarchod..tujhey movie ki gaand bhi nahin banani aati..bas paisa hai to showman bana firta hai thts y u will neer be able to come back nobody likes piece of crap ganga ki aaulad!! chutiya saala!!


vinaykumar626 Posted on another great work by Rajesh Khanna. why dont they make mveois like this now in bollywood ?? so emotional. all songs are just too amazing. Superb work R.d Burman, Kishore Da, Lata, Mukesh. Ever alive great people


koyaai Posted on That actually sonuds great Sandra. Yes, I do believe keeping your inner child in check is a requirement in having a healthy and happy life. I will take you idea on the New-Year-Meet-Everyday-With-Excitement-Enthusiasm-and-Awareness


foredimples529 Posted on I don't usually leave cnmmeots but I had to for this video I haven't heard Kenny G at a Haitan wedding since the early 90 s and I've been to plenty of haitian weddings since than, so im shocked..It is what it is I guess


Saurabh Rajadhyax Posted on There are no easy answers / sonoituls to the issues raised by the incident As always tendency will be to argue whether this is an law & order issue or a societal issue etc etc. The obvious answer to this is that is it is a combination of multiple issues1) Law & Order Something is an deterrent if folks know that if you do the crime you do the time. In our justice system, unfortunately it takes a lot of time to decide whether someone has to do the time. More often than not guilty are acquitted while innocent languish in jail. Specific to this incident I am assuming on all available evidence, this will be an open and shut case. Hopefully the witness friend will stay strong (public awareness of the case will help here). Police also will do its job unless there is political intervention. Constant monitoring of such cases is the only way I see to maintain pressure and ensure that everyone concerned does what is right.2) Societal issues This is where the main issues come up. Someone will say, folks belonging to certain states, communities, class, literacy levels etc etc are prone to indulge in this kind of behavior. I am not sure if statistically or even anthropologically we can prove any of this. But let us not forget that many of us including the industry the author works in have in myriad of ways contributed to the situation.For example if we look logically, Vivek Oberoi did the right thing by calling that press conference and talking about Salman's physical abuse of Aishwariya. May be he did it for publicity, may be he thought that was a way to build relationship with Ms. Rai but heck he did what many of us we will do i.e. Raise voice against abuse/violence against women. Just look at the reactions within and outside the film industry to figure out how Vivek and Salman were perceived after that press conference.


You do realize that would be a felnoy ( which the bank can't help you with ) .Are you previously experienced with jails ?Can you survive in there ?There are some very mean old ladies in there and unless you are about 250 lbs tough ,I would Not risk it .>


Annoyed Posted on Whatever you mean by being western ? I am a girl, who was raiesd in Bombay (More specifically, Amboli, so I grew up with Reuben and Keenan). I now reside in a Western Country . Let me tell you one thing, the amount of times I was groped, teased, touched inappropriately, had lewd remarks passed at me (all because I was dressed in Jeans and so in your opinion western ) did not seem fair. And, even though I did manage to slap some of these jerks, it did not stop others from doing the same thing. Now living in a Western country, I have never had that happen to me even once. It made me wonder how I could provoke' that response in one country and not another. I now believe, its not what we girls wear or do or say. Its the way some Indian men are raiesd (I repeat some, because Reuben and Keenan were not those men)that allow them to believe that all women are nothing but objects . So, I'd suggest, get out of this delusional world of yours which offers you a false sense of security. And please stop blaming the victims.


Varsha Posted on I was working in Mumbai for 5yrs & have some of my best memieors there! I took pride in midnight walks on Carter Road without a worry Sadly it shattered when I read this! The Mumbai I knew stood up to wrong, believed that there was no place for cowards, was united in grief, made women feel safe (even though there were stray incidents on the train even then) & more importantly respected women! What bothers me is that the DNA of most metros is changing & suddenly taking a cab after 9pm makes me anxious! and reading about incidents like these does nothing to my morale!I watched Keenan's dad & Rueben's brother on the Times Now debate last night they were so dignified & calm! There pain is beyond what we can imagine & yet they are being so brave. I wish from that horrible night, atleast some people have the balls to come forward & be witnesses. Its Keenan & Rueben today, tomorrow it will be YOU!


Vikram Posted on This is tragic. I am so sorry for your loss. How can we even be close to be caleld a responsible society when incidents like this exist. We boast about our culture when we don't even understand the basics of human behavior. I have been living in Australia for the last four years, and haven't even come close to witnessing an incident where a girl has been harassed by someone, forget the latter of bringing swords and killing somebody. This is not a law and order problem. It's education. It might take a generation to fix, but hopefully people are working towards it. Having a mob to defend self hurt, or to prove self pride should be shunned. I hope this incident incites some change. I hope Ruben died for a reason. God bless his soul.


Mridula Singh Posted on Ashwin, thank you for throwing light on this indceint. Well I was neither watching F1 nor metallica performance nor Ra-One ..Being a gurl, I dun think I will be wrong to say, it's we gurls who somewhere, somehow provoke all this if we get courage to wear fancy westerns, n dance in pub n drink n smoke all western styles why dun we buckle up to slap n stand such cheapsters ..wen westernity is really needed we just back-off ..for example, if I say nething in public to a guy or slap him for some wrong doing our parents dun go wid us, dey say u r gurl n nt suppose to do it, fct is we being a gurl we can do lot many things to put things on d correct path, hope I could have been some help to Reuben n Keenan


rsakid Posted on @yourjunk420 Your an Atheist I assume. So what you beivele is nothing? And that everything happened by chance and science? Or at least that is what I have herd it is about. Don't you think there is something more out there? How can the universe just happen by chance ? And that's what I hate about the word Christian , it comes with SO many labels and so many people taint it and give it a bad name. Being a True Christ follower is All about LOVE!


Vishal Posted on Rana and gang should not only be buohgrt to justice but they should be tortured to death and it should be visible to each and every citizen of INDIA so that next time no fucking bastard can even think about teasing a girl nor kill anyone punishment should be cruel! Cut their balls and throw it away..may be next time a girl walks in the midnite no one would ever dare to misbehave!I give a salute to both keenan and reuben.!May ur soul rest in peace ur fight will never go vain.! Please don't mind about the abusive words..rana and gang do not deserve any kind of respect..


splittersora Posted on Ok I am sick of all these Atheist and anti Christian rants. If u have a problem with it, don't watch it don't say anthniyg to hurt others for what they believe in. It's REALLY annoying. Good video by the way.

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