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A woman informs him his daughter is with her and is fine - and a plane is burning in the distance. Associated Press KANSAS CITY, Mo.

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Law enforcement officers in Southern California searched in rugged mountain terrain for a second day on Sunday for a missing FBI agent who was said to be despondent and possibly suicidal.

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China may lower banks' reserve requirement ratio further, following a cut on Saturday, to achieve a stable increase in economic growth and sizeable credit supply this year, the state-run China Securities Journal wrote in a commentary Monday

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President Barack Obama counted on the support of younger voters four years ago. Now, a new Republican-leaning “super” political committee wants to bring them to the GOP's side.

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In this article, there are spoilers about the series finale of Desperate Housewives. Turn back now if you haven't watched the episode yet.

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This is a short term, not long term budgetary fix. If it is tried in the longterm,

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The deregulation movement that focused on comprehensive regulation of specific industries coincided with a movement in the opposite direction—toward greater regulation—with regard to safety, health, pollution, and discrimination.

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to many people amecira is a teenage country, they are trying things out acting out having temper tantrums, the uk and other european ones are more mid 20's, the whole middle east i think is a midlife crisis age of country.i agree graham, there are some mistakes that eventually turn into good ideas, but.. at the moment it seems to me as a brit that theres more mistakes now.


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Mr. Reid's ignorance is a gerater contributor "to poor job growth" and disqualifies him as any part of representing the American people, especially THE SPEAKING PART! Please get him rid of, Nevada! He's destroying freedom and liberty of business owners to conduct their business in AMERICA! America doesn't deserve this low life leadership of government ineptness! America will grow the economy instinctively within the people's control! The American Constitution empowers the American individual, not the American government!


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is gold. He has a motivation to lobby for whtaever breaks he can get, whether they're needed or not or good for the overall health of the nation. Then the tendentious folks over at Legal Insurrection, et al., jump on it and it gets endlessly cut and pasted and bounced around the blogosphere until everyone knows it's true.The best stuff on this blog is the stuff you write (complete with crazy-ass notions like closing the gap with a combination of taxes and cuts, and references to things you've heard on NPR). We'd be better served with genuine, 100% pure, Viking Pundit totally original commentary.

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