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One important benefit of this approach is that it preserves universal service, which is what we were discussing in the first place. If the NYC post office goes out of business it will create no disruption at all, because UPS will gladly provide service to every address there. Not true in Alaska which is an outlier, in every sense, and may need special consideration and a more tailored solution.


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It takes a minute to have a trample on somebody, an hour to like somebody and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to overlook someone.

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it is particularly those amateur attempts of recovering information that end up being your data’s worst enemy.

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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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let's join our hands together to stop this kind of wrong doings. It may risk lives in the future if we just let them continue.

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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HHH Yes, the design of national policy is important, how our economic development plans for the next five years, how the implementation, how to make our economy even faster. Are designed to advance our focus to invest money in what ways it should be carefully arranged.


Liked you on Facebook, too. =)


Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

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As for the Infrastructure problems confronting this Nation, this is due to an old, old Budgetary procedure known as "Robbing Peter to pay Paul". Essentially, you forgo Maintenance and Repairs on Capital and Infrastructure for period. This then gives you extra finances to use as you so desire. This is a short term, not long term budgetary fix. If it is tried in the longterm, Capital and Infrastructure reach a critical state where Maintenance and Repairs must be made or the Capital and Infrastructure fails, sometimes catastrophically, and becomes scrap. Dragging the Nation or Industry down Economically. This is where we are at today. Nationally, at the State and County level and Locally. We have been robbing Peter to pay Paul far too long and it is now time to ante up.

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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

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While many sociologists felt uneasy about the assumed or perceived moral judgments that may be implied by the decision to move the meeting to Las Vegas (it was originally supposed to be in Chicago), I believe holding the meeting in Sin City reawakened the sociological imaginations in many of us. Every stroll through a casino or down a sidewalk with a colleague resulted in a conversation connecting what we were seeing back to sociological concepts. I had several conversations about gender performance, conspicuous consumption, and inequality. Sociologists seemed to tweet as much about what they saw on the streets and in the casinos as they did about what they heard during sessions.


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