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A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.

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DR,Challenging elected oaficifls in the media seems to have little effect because they are propped up by the resources of the special interests that you rail against every day. You can fill an hour a day banging the drum with economists, journalists and commentators to drive home the point, but to what end? Until the representatives of the corporations in Washington are voted out of office in favor of representatives of the people, nothing will change. Incumbents have a huge advantage based on name recognition and the lack of credibility of 'unknown' challengers. You have a platform. You can use it to support challengers willing to run against incumbents from the corporatocracy. Economists, journalists and commentators can help you make the argument, but we need candidates to drive real change. By providing a platform for challengers to establish name recognition and present their views, you can help them gain credibility and give them a real chance against the Democratic and Republican political machines. Start Now.


All thanks to the oucunsrtiog of US jobs, the manufacturing of US products overseas. The Einsteins that be thought it would be great to replace skilled workers with cheaper labor to product less expensive products, that we'd eventually pay MORE for, while those displaced workers took unemployment checks, couldnt afford their mortgages or health care (which is not being taken advantage of via the a good crisis should never be wasted' postulate). And, other workers who eventually DID find employment are asking if you want extra creme in that latte or fries with your order. The result? Your bleeding nation and it IS a perfect depiction of what is going on as it represents each of us, individually.


? Way to make yourself look silly anwyay, I disagree with both of you. It still doesn't look that great in Texas compared to Nebraska and North Dakota. Those states have the least amount of red/pink.I live in CA where things are super F'ed up. I haven't worked full-time in over a year I'm considering Taco Bell at this point.


Also, here's another poser Michigan is aomslt all 10+ red, even across the lake. That stops literally at the Northern border with Wisconsin. I don't know enough about that region to know how the two compare; is Wisconsin that much more laissez faire than than Michigan, or is the breakpoint actually pretty high on how far you have to go with unions/regulation to kill unemployment?

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