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If someone had trouble in high school, then grinding through a four-year degree is going to be long, grim, and--most problematic--not all that educational.


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The final score almost seemed secondary. An intense game became downright nasty after the Keith hit and for a while the Canucks seemed intent on delivering some payback.


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One thing that we need to clarify is our terminology in this debate.

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Thank you for such an informative website and post on the EU debt crisis. This is particularly the case when there seems to be constant and volatile opposition in these weaker EU nations to austerity measures.


heartening that so many Americans still believe in these core American values.

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>Hello Philippa,More a comment than a qtuoeisn, as I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to answer my qtuoeisns in person after the grove talk last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the play again and the guests we brought were just as enchanted by it as we were the first time. Seeing it for a second time, I noticed and appreciated many new things. Clearly the attention to detail that went into the music and sound design, the lighting, the physicality of the acting (including the slight of hand!)are a big part of what made this such a fun, fresh and truly magical work. I'm sure this is one production CalShakes audiences will be talking about for a long time and it will certainly have us back for more!Thank you and the CalShakes staff for all you do.Jon


01/24/2011My initial thhogut was why dignify the rants of a drug using reactionary extremist through blogs that focus more attention on those rants? I've never read or heard his radio program and the reading of this blog will not change this position. However, in the same way that it is possible to judge the culture and climate of a corporation by examining the humor directed toward the CEO it is likely possible to judge the culture and climate of some very scary people by considering the extremities of its Limbaugh Becks, Palins, etc. When thhogutful and liberal people take these comments so seriously they consider moving toward the center there is really a movement to the right. I don't think that Liberals are about to move toward the center and embrace this distorted suggestion for constitutional reform, amendment or judicial interpretation but I do know that what were once Republican right wing ideas are now considered centrist positions. So, oldmanonthe street, be my selective monitor and continue the very important function of keeping me from becoming complacent in this society,


Posted on Assalamualaikium Wr. WbSaya sangat teekasrn dan termotivasi setelah melihat penampilan anda di Metro TV. Subhanallah.. ga nyangka ya , anda bisa melakukannya semua melebihi orang2 yang normal.Tetap semangat meskipun krisis melanda, saya percaya di tangan anda, semua rintangan hidup bisa terlewati. Websitenya ku add ke blogku ya? thanksWassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


Posted on Sip deh, moga2 yang menang IMFreakz lagi ato pailng ga orang Indonesia lagi deh Biar makin terkenal di dunia internet marketing gitu ^.^


Much has recently been made of the simtlariiies (???) between the teapublicans and OWS. Your most recent blog is a sharp reminder that the two have no common ground and, perhaps more importantly, the comparison points to the superficiality of the analysts. Yes your thoughts and projections are dark and hopefully will not come about. Yet, I too feel a deep forboding and have largely been absent from political reading and discussion. There are people whose positions are such that I choose to decline any discourse. Well, no one ever said that fighting the good fight; win. lose or draw, would be easy. The feeling is akin to the third law of thermodynamics redefined. That is, you can't win, you can't break even, and you can't get out of the game. Perhaps that law is incorrect. Carry on old man. You've somewhat roused this old, but younger, man.


Very thoughtful alircte that attempts to flesh out some of the implications of the sound-bite rants that get all the attention. Thought the use of the Korean experience was an excellent example of the concurrent need for both individual effort as well group collaboration. While I agree that the state of techno-world allows for, if not promotes, individual self-determination, the reality is that such individualism cannot prosper without a community framework within which to function. Moreover, I think the historical record of mankind establishes that humans, as a species, have prospered and advanced by virtue of communal, rather than individual, efforts. While individual efforts may often stand-out from lower common denominator of the group , they would not be possible without the support of the community , which, in one form or another, be subject to governance.

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