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Canada is a ripoff conruty, Mr. Harper. What are you doing about this, besides nothing? When citizens can save up to 50%, by shopping in the U.S. Something is dreadfully wrong.BC is certainly regressing. Corruption in BC has been the catalyst for destruction. We are now seeing the anger of the people, cropping up. The School of Justice, is under attack. There have been vehicles set on fire. Homes set ablaze, and even shots fired. A school was set on fire. The Stanley Cup riot. This has been frightful and very scary. The days of feeling safe in your own home, are gone.When people have lost everything, and have nothing left to lose .They lose it.


I absolutely loved and was so greaftul for this lecture! Thank heavens someone is teaching this to people today.As a young black woman I have experienced both many of the things that impoverished people of all colors have had to endure, as well as many opportunities that more affluent members of society have the had the luxury of participating in. These opportunities don t even necessarily have to be things like expensive trips, material possessions, etc. We can discuss it from a mostly educational standpoint, as did Professor Richards in the lecture, or lavish lifestyles in general. I say this interestingly enough because my personal experiences have caused me to have this debate of free will versus determinism on many occasions.Given my complicated personal background of basically raising myself since the age of 12 and experiencing a host of emotional hardship, I had any number of excuses available to me to lean on and cry victim at any point in my life. And sometimes I did. Yet in the end, I accepted responsibility for my life and made choices, some personal and most academic, that afforded me the opportunity to see a potential way out that many in my same shoes have not been able to envision. And this is not to say that I my struggles were in some regards not in vain because at the age of 28 I still haven t graduated college, I am a single mother who lives pay check to pay check, and has to work full time on top of taking six courses a semester so as to be able to afford (with a mountain of debt) a basic college education, etc, etc. Nonetheless, I gave myself a fighting chance by making some of the individual choices that I made despite the socio-structural constraints that I was surrounded by. So I know that a way out of one s circumstance can be found; and if one is able to have the discipline to make even better personal and academic decisions than myself, it can be done very well. So I have always understood the argument that sometimes people just need to pick themselves up by the bootstraps , or just have a little discipline because like the achievement ideal logy of the socio-psycho cognitive perspective dictates, in America, work hard and you can make it!However, conversely, it has always brought me great pain and a host of long-winded and heated debates to try to impart upon others that consideration of the socio-structural component in one s life is an equally important factor. I mean c mon, how can people not give this perspective equal weight in their daily arrogant and uninformed judgments of others?! Perhaps it can be difficult to understand at first if you have come from one background (say of vast privilege) as opposed to another (extreme poverty), but people have to understand two vital things in this regard. One, as our Professor so profoundly pointed out, this perspective carries just as much weight as the other equally. The fact is that the world is not an equal place for all, and yes some people are dealt cards out of their control that they have to play, but all of us that play poker know that sometimes a 7 deuce just won t cut it and you have to work extra hard to stay in the game at that point! And two, that even when people do try, there can sometimes be such an insurmountable number and never-ending wave of continual obstacles in one s path that as emotional beings, sometimes people, spent, just eventually crack under the pressure. Thus, it is imperative to always when tempted to only want to debate the right foot, try walking in both shoes of the person or people that you re judging because as Professor Richards pointed out until you live that life and have to trudge through it yourself, you can never guarantee that you would end up with the same hand that you are currently lucky enough to be playing.


Most of what I'm finding on vaiuors statistics are based off of the 2000 census. Those have been fairly hashed over, and America's poor have done well for themselves considering what most people think of when hear the word poor. I downloaded a free pdf on the EUs census data, but that's a lot to slog through, but I'll keep reading. One interesting note on the penetration of smartphone usage by country is that the richest countries were not the leaders. Italy and Spain had far more smartphone usage than America, UK or Germany. There did seem to be a slight negative correlation between internet penetration and smartphone usage so the countries that have lower internet penetration had higher smartphone usage. Implication being that smartphones are making up for their lack of internet access. Not a lot of luck finding comparable data between bottom quintiles between nations though. Broad indices should be avoided though since government benefits are typically weighed heavily in such reports. And that's the thing that needs to be clarified. When people start talking about income inequality it's a knee-jerk emotional reaction to say that income inequality is bad but overall purchasing power and purchasing power between income groups has to be considered. Living in a relatively wealthy country is better than living in a relatively poor country even though the income inequality is worse in the wealthier countries. So one can argue which is better, national health care or access to more material comfort across the board, but income inequality in and of itself is not the hobgoblin the redistributionists try to make it out to be.


Stephen Diamond:My question as to the last 30 years is not rhiecrtoal at all. If you are looking for single stat metrics i.e. wages, to judge these things you'll end up with an impossibly narrow view that will be little more than anecdote despite what statistics you might find. Look for overall standards of living. You'll find that the bottom 20% are doing quite well in terms of what they enjoy in their material lives. Owning their own automobiles is common, air-conditioning, cable TV, cell phones, internet connections, and so on. For your speculation on the last three decades of increasing inequality you would have to show that fewer and fewer people are able to afford such things. Good luck with that research.But if you can't force yourself to go on such a fruitless quest, try this simple thought experiment. The ghost of economics past comes to visit you tonight, and condemns you to be poor the rest of your life, but you get to choose when and where you get to live this life out. I am genuinely interested in what your answer is to this. If it's any time but right now in America, that should be accompanied by an interesting explanation.


You're avoiding the scebjut. I only had time to search for homeownership rates in the US and EU, but didn't find much in the way that broke it down by quintiles. I'll pick the search back up later tonight, but you could also look up figures on car ownership, the cost of fuel, cell phone usage and if possible, smart phones versus other phones, how many homes have televisions, cable, internet access in the home, etc. These seem like trivial things, but they're typically taken for granted as constituent parts of our daily lives. So people wind up making an argument for living in the EU because of national health care or some other long term benefit, but they don't realize that the Super Walmart, and Safeway aren't stocked the same, and the prices are often not even comparable. (Every week I see this billboard for Cricket the low rent cell phone carrier and they have the Android now. I wonder what the availability is for smart phones among the lowest quintile in France for instance. That could be a project for you to show how biased I am.)


This assumes that suitnsaing oneself / one's family is binary. It really, really isn't. There's always some comfort that can be traded away to save more.Actually, thinking about this suggests a possible explanation for why the poor in China save but the poor in America don't (besides obvious ethnic or cultural differences). It could be that inequality (in absolute terms) is high enough in China that low-wealth people are motivated to give up *a lot* of comfort to become moderate wealth, whereas in America it is so high that no amount of sacrificed comfort could make someone moderate wealth. I don't find that very convincing, though, since it's not that hard to accumulate a million dollars in America over the course of 30 years, which is enough to have moderate wealth.


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The gap was reduced but the furgies also detail that still we have the widest gap between the rich and poor in the whole of the developed world. So the report was very misleading.Statistics and the way they are reported is very important. I seriously wouldn't start bragging until you've actually had a look at the report rather than just taking the news as it was told. When you do you will clearly notice that the gap has been reduced but we are still the worst country.If you want to be proud of Labour then you should comment on the smoking ban and the implementation of the Health & Safety Legislation which is saving thousands of lives every year. The one thing that worries me about the conservatives is that there is talk of deregulating our health and safety laws, which will impact on nearly all working people. This is one area which makes me think twice about voting tory is the reality that they could easily send working practices back to the 80s. Labour have done an excellent job at regulating health and safety in the work place and to relax these laws will result in 1000s of workers being injured or killed.


So I'm not sure you understood the thsrut of the study from reading a few pages at random. It's always been difficult to study whether income inequality or poverty causes violence and bad outcomes. This is because income inequality correlates so strongly with poverty. But the authors of the study were able to find data on a province with lots of poverty but great income equality (because of off-season fishing subsidies/welfare or something). And it turned out that income inequality itself was a better predictor of homicide rates than levels of poverty.Violence may be seen as the visible end of other socially negative processes. Homicide is an especially visible form of violence.


I saw something on teivelsion about it. I think the carpet is usually held a design that makes you look away from her. So you can concentrate on the playground, not the colors Boden.Soweit go, it is usually brightly colored. Red, green, purple and gold are widely used. Anything that involves money, power and wealth. Fade colors are really not used very often at all.


How so?You would have to weigh more generous gonnmvreet benefits more than the overwhelming abundance of the American shopping experience. There are numerous studies available showing the difference in American and European buying power. Long story short, our poor people live like the European middle class. Our poor people rival the Euro middle class in the homes they live in, the cars they drive, the TVs, game systems, and so on.


Ray,Are you being lawyerly here or are you claicidentnloy an American who thinks American poor are the best off poor in 180+ countries?Weighing costs and benefits of being poor in America, it seems to me that American poor fare better than a lot of but not all of the world (I think a better case can be made that American poor were the best off poor in the world in the 1950 s and maybe 1960s).However, this is an unscientific and unthorough assessment on my part.


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I agree Luke, this is very good news. It's no surprise that sad ftstasinas such as Paul Staines are unimpressed nor that some who imagine themselves to be on the hard left also moan. Out there on the fringes of reality they clearly find politics of theory easier than the hard slog of reality. Many of them carp even more at this Labour government than they did when the Tories were in power.Reducing inequality is a remarkable achievement especially in a free society in which the rich are inevitably more powerful than the poor.It's also inevitably a slow process which takes even longer to show up in measurements and other indicators. Well done Labour...


my wealthy Tycoon firneds and associates like mrs Elizibeth Taylor and some well known middle class here in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma metro area.had always sid we would have given more Tax write off money's unto charity if we had moere controll over and about where the money's are spent.we know from experience places like the Salvation Army and Annie Henry Zarrow building help some what with gas vouchers and help paying folks rent.yet imagine if mrs Taylor or one of my rich Grenwich associates were to become homeless and poor tomorrow could they walk to one of these places and ask for an voucher to buy A cheap Automobile and also have A voucher paying for insurace till the he or she recieved his or her first pay roll check.maybey perhap's the non religious version would be more what my freinds were hoping for.i being kiddnapped and brain washed too lose my memory only too live under this new name both as semi retired S:S:D;i while attepting to make ends meet as A temp worker at our local Stand by personel labor hall=know all too well how the current or present system works and how it could be improved.i have seen days at stand by when hardly no work order's come in at all.yet these former and currently homeless folk show up each day to work regardless.this is one reason i had hinted unto my corperate Executives to view my drivers licsense photo and throw some work these folk's direction.(Why) both bennifit.smaller floor space factories=less taxes per year for my coperate giant offices and cheap abandoned Exfactory buildings here local are easy to retool for our type of Toy bicycle motor cycle products yet each plant i hath seen are all with in walking distance from local temp agencies and Homeless shelters.yet others are not this is where the used car vouchers would come in handy.most folks i have net each day are honestly enough attempting to leave the homeless life behind by working.if you could run such A thing wuld you not want it just as i hath described.or for those whom donate huge sum's of money(why) this controlls where our your money is going better than the old system we hath had all this time.admitted an currupt entity and most of we or us know it.i leave this ball in your court yahoo.commers and with my associates whom donate this wad of cash each Tax year.added i apologize for this lengthy question. yet once you read it,i art sure you all will agree.


I only sped read a few pages at random to get a feel of that study, but enihytrevg I've read to date on this topic does not support the idea that inequality itself is the culprit. A close look at homes where the violent come from are fraught with all of the classic symptoms that have always produced anti-social and often criminal behavior.

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