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I don't think taxing the high income earners is going to solve the problem we need to cut spending.

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This whole tax system is esoteric. You need a tax lawyer to devote his life finding loop holes. And, who can hire a tax specialist? Only the wealthy.

When the government makes things so complex and over regulated, only a few benefit. And, that's the wealthy. Why doesn't the government make things simpler so that the masses can take advantage of programs or business opportunities. Widen the tax base so more people contribute, instead of raising taxes on only a few.

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I concur with the earlier comment, "envy" is inaccurate, it's more frustration over irresponsible risk-taking and immoral behaviour in general. http://garylanta.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/austerity.html


A receipt is the amuont received, an income is the receipt which is covered under income tax as chargeable. All incomes are receipts but all receipts cannot be treated as incomes. Eg. Gift received on Marriage is a receipt but not an income under the income tax.


I could tell right away this post would trigger an alsmot unimaginably toxic brew of mindless plutocratic cheerleading that has been thoroughly discredited by real-world application, but you managed to outdo yourself in Gilded Age excess. Where to begin . Either the estate tax doesn’t work, or it’s hitting people who aren’t part of that fcber-rich classification. If the goal of such a tax is to make incomes more equitable, then why has income inequality gone up despite its presence. It works just fine. And repeated efforts have been made to resist raising the worth threshold for which the estate tax kicks in, thus saving the six or seven farms or hardware stores per year that this tax allegedly bankrupts. Unfortunately, Republicans have resisted raising said threshold at every turn, fighting tooth and nail to deliver a tax-free inheritance for Paris Hilton and Patrick Kennedy once their parents croak .based upon their amazing contribution to society of winning the genetic lottery. As for why income inequality keeps going up .basically your responses to answers 2-16 of this quiz go a long way towards explaining that. I say, you can tax when someone’s alive, but once they’re dead, that should be beyond the reach of the tax-man. It gets taxed as income to those who receive it, and that’s good enough for me. Except that the tax doesn't apply to the person who dies, it applies to person who stands to inherit that money just a litany of other taxes applies to less affluent people who engage in a transfer of ownership in our economy. I know it's complex! It's amazing to believe that for all the demagoguery Republicans are spoon-feeding us over the immorality of taxing Paris Hilton's inheritance, it took Frank Luntz to coin the term death tax several years ago before you had any angle whatsoever from which you could defend a birthright claim to untaxed millions for sitting on your silk sofa eating bon-bons all day. Gotta love that Republican work ethic!!!! Absolutely not. 70% of those in low-wage jobs are teenagers, not the “working poor”. And the with the cost of auto insurance and higher education going down so drastically, it stands to reason that teenagers receive lower wages for their toils year to year. And I'm sure if an airline boasted a 70% success rate in reaching its destination, you'd be buying a ticket. Not only would such a law not have the intended effect, it would make things worse for the working poor by making the supply of jobs that much tighter. Ever since the imposition of the minimum wage, free-market ideologues have been preaching fire and brimstone about the depletion of entry-level jobs and continue the doomsday prophesies with every suggestion to raise the minimum. How then do we explain that the percentage of minimum wage fast food and retail jobs keep rising as a percentage of our overall job market? Just one more example of how the Milton Friedman bible has failed his Mammon-worshipping minions.


PART III Just think about it: how in hell would a corporation put eognuh money aside to “fully fund” their pension plans when people are living longer (thanks to expensive pharmaceuticals and medical treatments) when the population as a whole was aging. Again, it all comes down to whether we're doing any favors encouraging longer lives for our population. This is a serious conundrum that our society has found itself in, celebrating the virtues of healthy lifestyles and longer lives on one hand and bemoaning the impending financial collapse coming from the demographic shift of an aging society on the other. The same things bankrupting traditional pension plans will ultimately bankrupt 401(k)'s for the relatively small number of people sufficiently funding their own ..they will live so long that they'll deplete their retirement account and require government to bail them out. I’m not OK with the widespread usage of drugs. Alcohol is bad eognuh – adding to our troubles doesn’t make much sense to me. I'm more conflicted on this than I have been recently. The prohibition against narcotics has been the Babe Ruth of wasteful government programs for the last quarter century, destroying millions of lives (disproportionately black and urban) of individuals, their families and their neighborhoods that were used as tools of the narcotics black market. Certainly there is a way we could legalize drugs, wipe out the black market at every level, and still reduce narcotics consumption, but government would be incapable of pulling it off. You mention alcohol, which is an excellent example of how a decriminalized drug is ultimately commercialized and destigmatized, ultimately raising usage levels through the roof. That could easily happen with cocaine, heroin, and meth as well, but an even more certain outcome of legalization is that, like tobacco, greedy state governments (and the federal governments) would gratuitously inflate the tax on legalized narcotics every time they needed to plug a budget hole. The end result would be narcotics priced so far above their market value that the criminal underworld would re-emerge .while government at every level would have a vested interest in keeping the number of drug addicts buoyant so that the regressive excise taxes would keep the money flowing into state coffers. The more I think about how horrible government policy has been towards tobacco and alcohol, the more I question my previous allegiance to the existing prohibition on narcotics, counterproductive as that is.


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That's a big yes. Perhaps you will never be as successful, but you can threoetically earn a position at the big names in banking. The difference between Ivy grads and those who come from a state school is that the Ivy grads usually have a more cut-throat personality that lends itself to a higher degree of achievement.If you can maintain well above a 3.5 GPA from a good school and get into a great MBA program, you could earn a position at a top firm (once the economy recovers). As the below answerer mentioned, firms aren't even hiring the most qualified grads right now. But hopefully things will stabilize by the time you earn your MBA.Don't shy away from student loans. If you can get into a great school, bite the bullet and GO. In the end, it will definitely pay off.


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I am taking a ceerar in investment banking. My husband trade options and stocks pretty frequently. His trades can be as short as a few days to a couple months, rarely longer than a year. I learn that there is restrictions on trading securities if the spouse works full time in the bank, for example, approval needed from the bank before entering the trade, and no closing of each trade before 30 days. Do you know if that apply for forex trading as well? I am not sure if that means he needs to stop trading completely, or he can trade forex, etc.


Your friend may wish to have his dergee analyzed by an education evaluation service. This will tell him whether the dergee will meet US accreditation standards. If it does then, he would not be required to take an additional courses in business or accounting and could go straight to work here.He could also take the exam for his Certified Public Accountant.

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