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The reason why there are so many job for illegal immigrants are because there are so many employers willing to break the laws. My husband works for a company that hires a lot of illegal immigrants. Basically this company offers very cheap wages, no breaks, and works illegal immigrants to the bone and on weekends without any extra pay. Of course, no normal American would be hired for this position because the employer is breaking the law. So there you go, that makes it not an option. I also would say that normal American wouldn't want to be paid and treated like. I have mixed feelings on illegal immigration. I know some people that have lived here since they were two and are now grown and are illegal. I feel there should be some circumstances that help protect someone like this and yet there should be laws not allowing a child born here from illegal immigrants just to become automatic citizens. I realize that some illegal immigrants will marry and have children with American Citizens. I also believe no illegal immigrant should have the option of becoming a legal immigrant by marrying an American citizen. That option should be wiped off the list. Instead, all people should have the same rights as everyone else. Everyone should be given opportunities to apply for citizen if they pay a certain amount of money, have a clean record and keep their record clean in a period of ten years. This would completely stop marriage fraud and people crossing the borders just to give birth in the USA in hopes of one day gaining a Greencard. Perhaps I sound heartless. Perhaps you could say that my forefathers came here as immigrants. I am an American (Cherokee) Indian so that doesn't fit my case. When I think about all the scenerios, yes many of your forefathers did come here as immigrants but most somehow became legal. This whole issue isn't referring to immigrants, it's referring to illegal immigrant that just come into the country without legal documentation and decide to make their lifes here illegally. I have worked for the hospital in my state and have watched many illegal immigrants give out fake names to get rid of their bill. In other instances, I have seen how illegal immigrants have been able to get government assistance such as food stamps and vision cards while still working a normal job. Yes, obviously taxes are being paid on the dead person's social security number that they use. So illegal immigrants pay their taxes, but what about all the illegal immigrants that get government assistance by using an alternative name? Something needs to be done. I am not against immigrants, I am against illegal immigrants. I am not against illegal immigrants having a chance to become legal since I think everyone should have that chance. Seeing all the illegal immigrants come into my husband's work using vision cards makes me curious to how this option would change their life if everyone had to be fingerprinted, where their social security card had to match their name and fingerprint for them to get a job or get any government benefits. Let's just make things fair for everyone. I know I sure can't hold a full time job and get benefits.

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They should prove that they pay taxes and not have any type of criminal record and be law abiding whose only crime was to be here illegaly. For everyone saying that they shouldn't get any type of legalization because they are horrible people that don't obey laws etc etc well what about the kids that had no choice and where brought here while they were young and are now stuck with all the knowledge and perfect english but can't get a job. I think those kids shouldn't be punished for their parents mistakes. I do think that making illegal immigration a crime and not giving their children born in the U.S automatic citizenship will stop them from coming.

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Wake up Americans! Your life as you know it will soon be gone! Welcome to the United States Of Mexico! Funny how Amnesty supporters cloud the issues every time. What is the definition of immigrant? It surely is not Leach!! Anyway, i say that from anger, because our country refuses to do anything about this. Why? Because they must have thier hands dirty!! What could possibly be more of a National Security Risk than a Nation next door to us that is ruled by Drug Cartels!!!! No wonder this INVASION continues. True, we are a Nation Of Immigrants, but the immigrant of yesteryears are the true immigrants! Not somebody that runs accross the border to be free. Immigrants from long ago built this country, NOT A BUNCH OF BORDER JUMPERS!!! Lets get that straight, because they were marching in the streets a few years back protesting with signs that said,"We built this country". LOL!!! The Immigrant of yesterday came from far accross the seas, and sacrificed everything to come here, with nothing!!! With NO guarantees. Ill bet the Statue Of Liberty would of really been a sight to see for these people. Im Irish, and i get sick in the stomach when i here this racism crap, and Amnesty Propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!! It is truely sick! What planet are these people on? People from all over the world would love to come to this country, and contribute to it, NOT SUCK IT DRY!!!! No we owe the Mexicans right? People from other countrys have to wait, and maybe oneday.... That is the way is is!!! SORRY ABOUT YOUR BAD LUCK!!!!! I own my own construction buisness, Roofing, Siding, etc. and trust me, these people are KILLING this country! For some years i hated them terribly. I watched these people systematically take over the construction trade, literally. But some years have gone by, and i have survived competeing with "ILLEGAL ALIENS", LOL, they hate those words!!! I have come to recognize that our country sits back and does nothing, while the drug cartels kill 12 people a day on our border, and even have the audacity to shoot accross and injure, or kill our border agents!!! THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR!!!!! FORGET ABOUT IRAQ, AND AFGHANISTAN, AND WORRY ABOUT THE FOLKS NEXT DOOR!!!!! THEY ARE BEING TERRORIZED, AND STARVED. AND LETS NOT FORGET CHAVEZ, AND HIS THUGS!!!!! All hispanic countrys hate americans, that is a fact. They have NO respect for our country!!! UNDERSTAND AMNESTY AGENDA PEOPLE, THAT IT IS NOT RACISM, WE HAVE LAWS, AND YOU AND YOURS ARE BREAKING THEM!!! WE ARE TIRED OF IT!!! The facts are the facts. And that is why they pull the race card, and all this other crap when they argue thier point!! THEY KNOW THE FACTS, THAT IS WHY THEY CONTINUE THIER PROPAGANDA!!! Lets not mention Arizonas situation. THEY ARE FED UP WITH IT!!! HOW DARE OUR GOVERNMENT STEP IN AND OVERTURN THE COURTS FINDINGS!!!!!!!!! Whoever was responsible for that ought to be hung in the town square!!!! And thats no lie!!!! Politicians, ever heard of TREASON? Look it up!! Thank God for people like Sherriff Arpiao in Texas. They want to punish him for doing his job as a true american, and the drug cartel even put a hit out on him, and one of the governors there!! What a joke man. THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR!!!! And also now they want to blame our gun laws for these murders, and vigilanteeism. It is not our fault that Mexico starves its people, and allows thugs to run the country. Thay say that they are worried about the guns that get to mexico from the USA! THEN CLOSE THE BORDERS STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! I have so many facts i could state in these paragraphs, but im not wasting my time anymore. WAKE UP AMERICANS AND UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE GOING TO BE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY IF WE DO NOT STAND TOGETHER!!!!!


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Luis Arteaga

Open the freaking border. And let them come into the country legally, provide immigrants with a general visa to produce in this country. Soon the American population will be old and disappear and who the heck will inherit this land?. No one would take anything to the grave - so open the borders and let anyone to come into the US organized way- train them and put them to work. US land is a bit smaller than China and can absorb more people and we can get a better internal productivity- and compete worldwide. Some Americans stupidity and fearfulness should stop and give to the cuntry what we need: more people and more productivity.

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