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I'm looking at the new Cameo. I'm thnnikig it would be a great gift for my family to get me for Christmas. I, too, am a Mustard Seed fan and would love to have a copy of your flour file to use. I keep pricing feed sacks and well... If you are still so graciously offering to send the file I am at kanes_1@msn.com. Thank you so much.


Angie, you always make such cute stuff! I ADORE this! So cute! One qiuotesn though, since I just got my Cricut last month, do you use the Cricut Design Studio to do this? I don't have it yet, but am thinking of buying it. Is it worth it? Thanks! Again, LOVE your project!


Not too sure that I agree with your point about feeling safe Neil. It seems to me that every time I look at matesirnam news or corporate media, it's overly sensationalized and aimed solely at keeping the audience scared enough to remain passive and maintain the status quo. But I think you are definitely right about people accepting an opinion that fits their world view. I makes me wonder if we naturally prefer not to question things or is it something that we've learned to do. Definitely a great topic to dig into further!


I totally agree!!!One of my pet pevees is the misuse and misrepresentation of the word Burlesque. It's such a lovely word and it's original meaning is dying out.What annoys me even more is the amount of performers that actuallyuse the term and yet include no form of satire or parody within their performance I have no problem with Tease as an art-form whether it is performed with or without the satire but it is NOT Burlesque by defaultThe origin of the term burlesque' is contentious with most citing the French burlesque, which was, in turn, borrowed from the Italian burlesco, derived from the Spanish burla ( joke') as its root. Its literal meaning is to send up'.Put simply, burlesque means in an upside down style . Like its cousin, commedia dell'arte, burlesque turns social norms head over heels. Burlesque is a style of live entertainment that encompasses pastiche, parody, and wit. The genre traditionally encompasses a variety of acts such as dancing girls, chanson singers, comedians, mime artists, and striptease artistes, all satirical and with a saucy edge. The striptease element of burlesque became subject to extensive local legislation, leading to a theatrical form that titillated without falling foul of censors.A) A burlesque act does NOT have to end with a pair of nipple tasselsbut Classical Burlesque' to be authentic and true to it's originsshould include a parody or satire.B) Following it's re-emergence in early 20th Century America, the term burlesque was used loosely to describe adult revue shows in which striptease acts would perform—often with themes, characters or gimmicks—but classic striptease and hootchy kootchy dance were already forms in themselves and not automatically burlesque by default.C) Seen one pair of nipple tassels seen em all!D) Taking ones clothes of in a coy and cheeky manner does notnecessarily make for interesting parodyanyway, now I have had my little rant i will go away again xxx


Just lovely! I utesdo do something liek that but with tissue paper. Take forever, but very rewarding! thanks for sharing today... I am totally trying this one out!~ Emily N. from "too Blessed 2 Stress"


What a fabulous poscers. Your silhoutte makes such professional looking images. (I'm thinking money right away, lol). Great pillow project! Hope you'll stop by and see our fabrics. Jane


Of the thousands of posts you have wirtten and I have read that was your best!Absolutely spot on.Some of my friends make disparaging remarks about the Occupy Wall Street crowd. I have to disagree with them and their remarks. The young people who are occupying wall Street have a very legitimate complaint and I support them in that complaint. Sometimes, I wish they could translate their frustration to the people who ultimately bear the responsibility the US federal government, but their hearts are in the right place.Now that Europe stands on the brink of financial turmoil, I have to wonder if we are headed for TARP II. There has been great fanfare about the exposure of German banks to risky loans made to fiscally decrepit Eurozone countries. However, there has been an almost chilling silence about the exposure of American banks to these same counties. In the world of underhanded and opaque American politics, silence is never a good thing.When the dot com bubble burst, President Bush put quite a few miscreants in jail. Congress passed a fairly draconian law called Sarbanes-Oxley.When the big banks on Wall St were determined to be too big to fail and bailed out with taxpayer funds, nobody was even indicted. The Frank-Dodd banking bill was a masterpiece of illusion. Now, Barney Frank has decided to retire. Does he see TARP II on the horizon? Or, as he claims, is he just too tired to run for reelection at age 71? One thing for sure, he will retire comfortably. In 2006 he reported assets valued between $525,020 and $1.6 million; by 2010 Mr. Franks’ net worth had soared to between $1.9 million and $4.6 million, with nary a down year in between. During four years of steady recession a man making $174,000 per year quadrupled his personal net worth.Neat trick.Please don't get me wrong. The Republicans are no more interested in holding the bankers accountable than the Democrats. Nothing would have been different if John McCain were president instead of Barak Obama.


we need to separate out some tinghs .I have zero problem with purpose making money at lucrative endeavors.some people have a knack for making money .I do not think members of Congress nor staffers should be allowed to participate in financial transactions that they have insider info on.I think money in politics is different from financial chicanery and much, much worse and will ultimately and sooner than later destroy any vestiges of a legitimate representative government bestowed on us by our forefathers.If you want to fear / revile something fear this .before you ankle bite the rich and the so-called job-creators .and for Gawd sake.. STOP blaming Obama for everything from herpes to Hemmroids it was our wonderful Supreme Court who voted to neuter Democracy .. even our LITE version of it.As a society , we've deteriorated into the angry bees we're mad as hell and we're going to sting (blame) . without regard to logic or common sense.Cries of FIRE Bernanke or Fire Holden or FIRE the EPA or FIRE Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner . and replace them with WHO?another Obama selection? Nope just fire them and then fire Obama and we'll figure out who to put in charge afterwards notice there is no . this person is the person who should be in charge nope..it's anyone but the guys currently doing the job.what idiocy this is at any rate.. I do not blame the rich or highly paid CEOs or sports figures or celebrities as long as they are not cheating and doing anything illegal.I don't understand these attacks on anybody and everybody these days it's lunacy.


I don't think capitalism is in crisis, I think the American way of running economies is however. Government has been over-regulating I'd say, and if it was a true capitalistic market we'd be in much better shape.

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