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A fox may grow gray,)-( but never good.

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I like this article.

Sagittarius A

I hate enumerating, but I find that I have to here:

1. You ask for stricter rules rather than more discretionary authority. But rules are enforced by discretionary authority. The problem with asset/capital ratios is that the way these ratios are calculated and the way assets and capital are accounted for depend entirely on discretion. Securitization was itself a way to circumvent the requirements and abuse discretion.

2. You differentiate too much between "private" and "public". It's convenient but deceptive. The public and private sectors are more like a river delta than two discrete entities separated by a clear border, both in China and in the US.

3. Capitalism is an anachronism. What do you mean by Capitalism? What do you mean by Free Markets? Which sector is free? Which sector is unregulated? Which sector isn't affected by concentrations of market power, subsidies, taxes, information asymmetries, etc.? Some are less so than others, but I challenge you to tell me which markets and industries are "more free" than others.

It's an incredibly difficult task, I hypothesize.


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Sharp altcire and a point well made. I did have a nostalgic moment for the good old days when phones and faxes did it all. Legitmate news sources are changing rapidly, as you rightly point out, with news reporters quoting facebook et al as part of their stories.And at least if the power goes down, we can still communicate via our iphones!


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Thank you for such an informative website and post on the EU debt crisis. This is particularly the case when there seems to be constant and volatile opposition in these weaker EU nations to austerity measures.

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Will China Overtake Us? which is good news for both the US and the Chinese people.

Bob Puharic

Becker completely ignores the role of financial markets in the meltdown. I'm mystified and baffled by the continued tendency of many economists, conservative all, to never even mention the key role the bloated financial sector played in this fiasco.


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well, yes. more and more people start to realize this and i think that we've been evidencing the end of a age and the beginning of a new one.

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NEH, I am pretty sure that if it were the proletariat doing the dictating, day-to-day life in China would be quite different. It sounds as if you are crediting the government with China's prosperity, whereas I am persuaded by the observed correlation between economic freedom and prosperity in their grand experiment.

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