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Nations govern by Mafias,Cabals,Conspirators out to loot the Natural rerseocus n Commonwealth of their Peoples cannot claim to practice Capitalism. And this is true of majority of African Countries. They do not allow truely Free Enterprise to thrive.They tax the people without deploying the revenue to sectors to enhance free enterprise-infrastructures,functional institutions and facilities,etc. They practice Nepotism,Favouritism,frauds,scams,etc all that corrupt n distort true Capitalist practices. Africans in d majority see themselves applying their Mind/Reason to the problem of survival,with most achieving little or no success. That's why poverty is ravaging the continent. That is why Africans are the Beggars' of the World.That is why Objective Moral Truths n Justice derived from Capitalism still do not quite hold water' in Africa. And Nigeria is a classic example of where Capitalism as described is not allowed to thrive.


JJ, brilliant piece! Absolutely egnnnhteliig. If this were Nollywood home movie; part 2 will focus on the lack of sustainability in our enterprise, because we have failed the test of morality and freedom of enterprise. On street level' economics, what you have suceeded in teaching us, is that the council men and police men who harass Okada riders are commiting injustice and the authorities who should focus on sustainability of our free enterprise are busy collecting rent, from an asset they have no investment in. So if we most practise free enterprise, those in authority need extensive sessions to share with them the fundamentals that will make capitalism continue to operate and hopefully reduce poverty in the land. Many thanks for the piece.

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