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Guess the future holds the real answer for China's economic growth.


CHINA; CEMENT FOR THE BRICS http://www.ecolligence.net/2012/07/china-cement-for-brics.html


I really haven't fowloled the mayoral race in Salt Lake City too closely, even though I live just miles away here in the area. I am really not sure who will do a good job out of Becker and Buhler so I will wait to see what happens on November 6.


I believe there are two pntois missing from this analysis:1) 'Reserve currencies' are being used not only as a store of wealth, but for transactional purposes as well. This is no small thing. There'll be plenty of disarray if you can no longer trade oil, copper, corn, cars and TV's in USD. If the greenbuck can no longer do the job, it would be unrealistic to think that EVERYONE will just agree to accept RMB instead; instead, every nation would prefer to denominate its exports in its own currency! Result: chaos. Can we use gold? In theory, of course, even a few grams of gold (if atoms could be quntified) would be enough to settle accounts, but in practice few people can IMAGINE that happen - in which respect Roubini's article (Roubini is a mainstream media-economist after all) is characteristic.Few people would want to disorganize international trade at this time.2) It is equally unrealistic to think that everyone in the world will readily accept to give the Chinese the advantage of being the issuer of reserve currency. If I had a vote, I would vote 'no'. To put economic fortunes of the world in the hands of the CPC's Politburo? If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what does.Therefore, most likely the USD will retain its status, but an international agreement will be made which would severely limit the liberty of the US to decide on its monetary and fiscal policies - to the extent of the US economy being actually run by a receivership committee of creditor nations (it won't be named that way, of course, but that's what it will be)."Moving toward a world where trade and capital flows are more balanced" is a great thing, but for US leaders, moving in that direction means conceding policy failure, intellectual bankruptcy and moral corruption. It is therefore pereversively rational for the US to go ahead with its current monetary and fiscal policies, commit economic suicide by means of USD collapse, and blame everything on the "free market". Then, G8+China would 'save' the world from ensuing 'panic' by instilling some sort of 'multilateral' monetary system. Gold will not be part of the system, central bankers across the world would HATE that idea.Agree that instead of a long and slow devaluation we will more likely see a rapid and sudden USD collapse. We are now in a 'reflate or die' mode, and we have liquid currency markets which work like huge discounting machine. The moment a consensus is formed that the greenbuck will lose, say, 80% of its value in 5 years - the news would be discounted IMMEDIATELY, and the USD will lose those 80% TOMORROW.Many economists think you can manage inflation expectations the way you steer a car. No way! People are not stupid, at least not as stupid as central bankers assume. Market will respond to a trend formation much faster than you can respond to its response.))


So i love the MIUI rom, and the phone looks nice . but IMO WAAAAAY too iphone like. Android gets enguoh crap from apple fan boys a phone that looks just like an iphone but runs android is just not good. lol Again, this is just my opinion but i absolutely love the ROM its my daily driver.


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Come on guys, you can do better. This looks just like (another) an iphnoe 4 copy. And with Apple so angry these days, I expect them to sue everyone that make products (and software for that matter) that resembles theirs.


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Some interesting secnery in your neck of the woods. I didn't know you lived so close to the Boneyard. Have you ever taken the tour? I've seen many aerial shots of the place online and it's neat how they have the planes laid out in geometric patterns.


Your affect is totally appreciative and newsy.


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