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I got really emotional reading this post! It is so amazing to read your story. I'm extremely inspired and as a reader I've enjoyed being distantly along for the ride!

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It is rediculous to even suggest that. It is not fair to take the actions and ideas of group of people.


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We had expected to blog yesterday (Sunday) on the question whether to subsidize U.S. manufacturing. We have run into a delay, but hope to post soon.


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The school can also assist in providing transportation to get the parent and child to the referral agency.

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"As for your suggestion that men are maieinalrzgd in our society, I don't say it's not there. I just don't see it as much. (Perhaps I would see it more if I watched television.) Also, my sense is that women are still maieinalrzgd in more pervasive, institutional and harmful ways."Andrea, when you state it that way, there's no problem - one type of marginalization feeds the other, in a cycle. So you attack women's marginalization, and it will help with men's marginalization. What is happening is a renegotiation of the division of labor between the sexes, and it has ben uneven. In the past the division was basically women got the responsibility and authority at hoem (children) and men had the corresonding role outside the home (work, some religions, since God was out there). Even as recently as a century ago most men and women simply could not get by on their own. Now they can. Women don't want the economic dependence of having to rely on a man's income, so they demand and get access to jobs that used ot be off limits. Men no longer need women to make thier clothes or make their food. All that can be bought outside the home now. The big snag has to do with children. Women have pretty broad access to jobs in society, and generally the only areas where they are underrepresented are areas where they are not very eager to enter - combat and other dangewrous and dirty work - you don't hear women clamoring to get into the crab fishing fleet, for instance. Men do not have the same access or control over homelife. There is the general perception that children belong to women. This colors the debate on abortion for instance, since preproductive issues get snaffled up in bodily integrity issues. We as men are told "too bad; that's just biology - you can't have a law to fix every quirk of nature." but funny thing; we have laws to fix all kinds of natural inequalities -for instance male adultery can never be as serious as female adultery, since a man can never pass off some other woman's child on an unsuspecting wife and compel her to put 18 years of her life into raising it; at worst ehr sense of security is shaken, and maybe her vanity - but nevermind, the law and the culture regard both types of adultery as equal. (And I agree.) So we are not doomed to live with the inequalities nature imposes, unless we are men, it seems.I think a lot of this is temporary. It is what in the Army is called "the pain of transition" It is the price of building a better world. And it is tempeorary - men are getting fed up and will end it eventually, but not as fast as the women who love them - women are usually much louder about the way their men are mishandled then the men are themselves. Helen is one of these women.


I always find myeslf stuck in the middle of these things.Men kill themselves four times as often as men in America. We die 7-8 years earlier (it was one year in 1920). Workplace fatalities are almost exclusively male (94%).Roughly 80% of homeless people in America are male. Roughly 75% are under 45 and 25% are under 25.These facts are relavant.What is also relavant that the suicide rate I spoke about (tips even more extreme in the 15-24 bracket & the senior brackets) includes, on the XX side, a young woman of my acquaintance who was not crazy, who was truly gifted, decent, honorable & brillant & who had been tortured by the psychiatrists at Penn and Bellevue (Pa.) until she finally committed suicide. She was a grad student at Penn. She had a hormonal problem consequent to years of athletic over-training as a long-distance runner. She was sorta messed up, but really, who isn't?She asked for help. She got 42 rounds of ECT, several extremely volatile psychiatric regimens & mental & emotional intimidation for her efforts. Her body became a wreck after the drug treatments. She killed herself a day or so before I had surgery for a cancerous right testicle. According the the CDC, 86% of 15-24 year-old suicides are male (2001 data). This is relevant. That's six out of seven. But what the hell do you do when the seventh is a brilliant, warm, compassionate, tough-as-leather girl whose last words to you...to anyone, as far as I know, are, "Um, I love you."I didn't see it coming. I'm bloody good at statistics. But sometimes they just don't matter. Socialogical stats, if they have any value, are important for determining norms. Not so we can determine how people should be, but so we can honestly assess how people actually are. Also, so we can recognize and if necessary defend the interests of those whose natures & aptitudes places them outside the norms.It's hard enough to be different. Tyanny of the majority and all that. Should being outside the mainstream place a compulsion on people to sacrifice themselves because they are a mild inconvenience to all the "normal" people?


I am concerned over this iortpmant issue.One of my concerns is that the doctor/patient privacy is no longer secure.I've read many instances of doctors informing law enforcement of patients who do things that are not good for themselves, resulting in discipline or arrest of the patient. The most egregious case I recall is the situation of a man who told his doctor he consumed the equivalent of a 6-pack of beer per day. This information was relayed to law enforcement and employer and the man lost his job - as a driver. He later explained that he only drank at home in the evenings, was a weekend binge-drinker and his statement to the doctor was an average per month, not an actual daily amount. It made no matter. The doctor broke the barrier and the story was printed in local papers. Now a lot of potential help-seekers will remember this story.I am certain that there are many people who would otherwise seek help but are unwilling to have their situation turned against them through a leak of information. I've talked with them. It goes like this; "Why don't you get help?" "I'm afraid the doctor will turn me in." Another issue is that such consultation will remain on a person's record forever. Given the extent that schools and companies will investigate an applicant, such treatment could ruin an education or a potential career.Unless we - as a society - can enforce a rock solid "no matter what" clause for the doctor/patient privacy, we will continue to lose members who are unwilling to consult with professionals for assistance. Those people will slide down the hill and will become another statistic of suicide.


I am always been a fan of the show since the biennnigg and thank gawd to dvr I was at Las Vegas for a week, I just watched this episode a few minutes ago and pretty much choked up with watery eyes. I record this show fanatically along with all the motorcycle racings in SPEED channel.You are the joker with a heart and talent in the show and it will never be the same. The rest are so serious, but nonetheless, they are all good, very good. I was so bummed to find out that it was actually you, who died. In the biennnigg, I was in denial, thinking that it wasn't you, that it was a mistaken identity. I really would like to know the reason why they are cutting your character out of the show. I figured you were not part of the permanent characters because in the biennnigg credits, your name was just added as if you were a guest cast.RIP man!P.S. after further web research, I just found out that Kal will be working for the Obama administration at the White House. Well, good for you! I just hope that it didn't have to end that way and give you a chance to come back to the show when, and if, things doesn't work out at your new job.


tomcalI don't want to turn this into an inventory of sdieiucs, but I would like to mention one of them... a fellow I will call Mr. A. I grew up in a small island village off the coast of Maine. Mr. A ran the town dock and was the janitor in the village grammar school. He was a lovely man, always cheery and bright. He taught me to sail as a boy and I spent hours at his boat yard, mesmerized by his sea stories. Eventually, I grew up and went away to the mainland for school and adulthood. While deployed with the Marines on Okinawa, Japan I got a letter from my mom telling me that Mr. A had died... that in fact he had driven his car into his barn and left the engine running. As it was just several months after his wife had died, the word around town was that he had died of a "broken heart".After listening to Glenn and Helen's show, I am convinced that it was more than that - more likely depression from being old, alone and sad that his lovely wife was gone forever. But it goes to show that not all sdieiucs are "aggressive" acts or calls for public attention. Sometimes, as with Mr. A, suicide is simply an act brought on by personal and private despair. In any case, I was desperately saddened by his passing and have always hoped that he didn't suffer too much in his last days.


My job also requires a seucirty clearance. A coworker is a recovering alcoholic and began his recovery process fifteen years ago after a suicidal gesture he had made - in front of his wife and two daughters - while drunk. So of course he took psychological counseling as part of his therapy (whenever we come into port, he goes ashore and seeks out the local AA chapter so he can attend a meeting). So far as I can tell he is now a well adjusted, competent, balanced individual who has battled worse demons than I ever hope to see.So far, to my knowledge, the issue of his psychological counseling has come up officially at least three times in the past four years I have known him. DoD or Navy investigators have contacted the ship to interview him concerning this issue - yet he has held his clearance for nearly five years now and has been a more-than-exemplary shipmate and seaman. His evaluations have been excellent, and he has just finished a five month training course that qualifies him to take the exams for a Deck Officer's license. Why it has been visited more than once I have no clue, but it surely would make me reluctant to admit anything sensitive in my own history.


I know this is Short notice wtheaer is going to be Fantastic tomorrow going for a ride to Florence, Coolidge and back to Catalina. It is the same route we will ride on the 3rd of Dec for the Toy Drive/Poker Run. Meeting at the Players Pub on Oracle in Catalina Sat the 29th at 10am kickstands up at 10:30. Hop[e some can make it.King Rat


Thank you. My wife (Kelly) and I would love to meet with fellow mebmers but my Trumpet' is waiting for new front fork bushes and oil seals. One fork is weeping so decided to get them done. Not turning up without her (;~Keep the rubber on the road~


Cui bono? Who benefits? Does DiPaola's death mean that other, more slzaey schemes of his own or more slzaey people with their own schemes will not come to light, then I imagine you'll have your reason right there.And don't rule out that DiPaola is doing something to protect someone else important to him. It could be something as noble as his family , in that he doesn't want to drag them through a public scandal. Or something less noble like his mistress that he never wants anyone to know about publicly. Or his his family because someone more slzaey and dangerous than him threatened them unless he did something . Who knows? I'm intentionally being somewhat lurid because the odds are very good that there's more to this story than really meets the eye, but the odds are also very good that his suicide will prevent any further examination and/or revelations.


Reporters Andrea Estes and Sean Murphy did some terrific iigtseivatnng and reporting in this story, which has now come to a tragic end.That said, it looks to me that Murphy overstepped the reporter's role a bit in the process. In DiPaola's letter to the residents of Middlesex, accompanying last week's story (11/21), DiPaola wrote: Sean made a statement to me which really hit home. He said, You know Sheriff if you do this it will be your legacy and not any good you have done.' I realized then that he was right. Assuming DiPaola was accurate in how he represented that interaction with the reporter, then doesn't it sound like the reporter went beyond standard reporting practices?


Mr. Schinella, expenditures of pubilc funds will always be a matter of the pubilc interest.Someone taking his own life is a tragedy. But it being a pubilc figure does not entitle the fourth estate to pile on without specific facts.The doing out job excuse put forth by Dan and his colleagues is objectionable when they forget that what they do has consequence neglect to point out their roles in what has happened.Mr. Read's armchair psychology seems to be unnecessary, unsupported, possibly defamatory speculation. He is right on one thing, however: the odds are also very good that his suicide will prevent any further examination and/or revelations . That too is a tragedy.

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