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David Friedman

"when, if ever, governments should be given the power to forcibly prevent suicide attempts in order to allow time for less hasty decisions?"

This assumes that they can be given that power, which I think unlikely. They may be able to prevent assisted suicide, but your hypothetical rejected teenager, if he really wants to kill himself, can find quite a lot of ways of doing it that do not require assistance.

Even in the case of physician assisted suicide, it's unclear how enforceable restrictions are likely to be. A patient dying at home and provided with opiates for pain relief can choose to take a lethal dose, and a sympathetic physician can provide the opiates and the relevant information without ever explicitly assisting suicide.

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i am agree.Some argue against the right to suicide not on religious grounds, or on libertarian considerations (John Stuart Mill was against suicide because he believed no one has a right to take away the need to make future choices), but because it hurts children, parents, and spouses.

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I also think that both should have done a much better job of researching current writings on this subject by simply reviewing materials from one of several professional organizations devoted to educating the public about this very contentious matter.

All they needed to do was to go back and look at the very wise and articulate articles published in connection with Bush's and Ashcroft's efforts to bring the entire weight of the federal government to support their religious beliefs in the matter of Terry Schiavo.

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Glad to see you approve of assisted death, we do it for our pets because it's the humane thing to do - but not to our own (suffering) elderly.

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