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funds may not reach the need of the children who lost their home ...cause the gov doesn't work enough at this matter..

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This is a serious problem. This needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.


While Murray does a good job documenting the problem, he offers few solutions. That’s unfortunate because, as Ross Douthat of the New York Times points out, Coming Apart makes a “very convincing case ... for the power of so-called ‘traditional values’ to foster human flourishing.” This is true even in “economic landscapes that aren’t as favorable to less-educated workers” as in the heyday of industrial America, the decades following World War II.

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Children dont get the proper funds alloted by the government.

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Discussing things like racism can open up deep wounds. When the intensity level rises, pause to let everyone take a deep breath.

If your class includes students from diverse backgrounds, you might consider providing safe space to "vent" by creating opportunities for students to do activities in segregated groups before engaging in interracial dialogue. If you choose this strategy, be sure to provide options for people who are bi- or multi-racial or who are not black or white.

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THERE’S been a lot of commentary from all sides about my recently published book, "Coming Apart", which deals with the divergence between the professional and working classes in white America over the last half century.

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Although there is an accepted agreement that predjudice is bad, and acceptance is good, we often as a society take this for granted and do not address it conciously. We assume that our kids will not become racists because we are not, and we bend a little as we tolerate seemingly small harmless gestures of racism.


oh you said right i.e. earlier education in childhood is necessary you cave done the nice job

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Let’s redefine Human Life Cycle in a Management Sciences Perspective (Let’s adjust it according to our wishes)

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the education is more important for the children,that is the capital of alive。


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"Free Law??" Fairly cryptic. ARE you just another, desperate, spammer?

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"Circumvent the practical problems of being a single parent that are apparently at the center of the class divide by making sure that women CAN prevent pregnancy until they are either married or in a stable relationship." Posted by: Tandras8 | 03/13/2012 at 12:25 PM

Well, let me advise you Tandras8, I am from a very small town in MA and guess what, we had a family planning clinic. When I was 15 I went there and got my birth control, very afford-ably by the way, it was free. the Office visit was free too! So, the clinics are there, that isn't an issue; what the issue is, to me, is that there are too many of the less educated getting pregnant because of the generational welfare that they are in that tells them when they have kids they will get income. And why should I work if I'm gonna get paid anyways? The more children they have the more income they receive, and believe you me these people know how to work the system so that they get every darn penny that the government hides from those of us who do not need their damned handouts.
America was build on hard work! The first citizens of this new country had a heck of time the first few winters they were here and they worked! I don't care if you have to work at McDonald's or Wal-Mart for income, I'm tired of giving my paycheck to single parents,deadbeats and welfare recipients that just do not want to work and think that more is better as you get more money.


Not only that (above)but I come from a lower middle class family. we were on food stamps for most of my childhood. at the ripe old age of 13 I was put to work in tobacco drying barns. And on Saturdays I would get overtime by working in the fields cutting and collecting the tobacco leaves. That is what lower middle class folk did when I was a kid. Some in the tobacco fields, others in the cucumber fields and when the summer job was over and we returned to school in the fall, we had part time jobs at ice cream parlors, the department store, the supermarket. We did not sit around and expect others to support us.Even today as I near 50 yrs old, I still work two jobs and have never collected any assistance because I was told that I was a very capable young white female. that may have been 25 yrs ago, but If I lost my job today and had to get unemployment, I still could not get any other type of assistance, even if they kids were still at home and in school, not because I am a white female, but because I am CAPABLE! And like many others who do not want a welfare state, hard work never hurt anyone and if you want to get somewhere better then where you've been, you've got to work to get there! And work HARDER then anybody else!

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One thing that we need to clarify is our terminology in this debate.

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I agree. But the question is the time frame.

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