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@Tacitus ... "...The ACORN stuff looked prttey damning to me, ..."...which entirely makes my point. You were completely deceived by the editting.The full tapes show that O'Keefe was not wearing a pimp outfit, and told ACORN that he was trying to help get his girlfirend get out of whoring.And did you know that when O'Keefe told an ACORN guy that he was planning to import Mexican hooker, the guy called the cops and reported the entire thing?No? Why don't you know this?@Tacitus is, on the evidence, an honest, well-meaning and highly intelligent person who has been completely fooled by Brietbart's deceptive editing, and even though the entire tape shows that Brietbart cannot be trusted, still trusts him.This suggests that full disclosure of recordings is a necessary but not sufficient condition of transparency. Systems of establishing reputation matters, and under such a system, no person of goodwill would trust Breitbart.


Tacitus2,"I believe the much revleid Mr. Breitbart was a pioneer in the concept of releasing complete footage. More traditional outlets have not followed suit."My knowledge of the case is limited to some news reports, but from Wikipedia, re: O'Keefe,"The California AG had given him immunity from prosecution in exchange for his giving them the raw videos of ACORN workers at three sites in the state."So I don't think Breitbart was the reason why the full footage was eventually released.And the fraud did, after all, successfully destroy ACORN, which no longer exists. Something that might not have happened if ACORN (and the media) had the legal power to demand access to the full unedited original footage.(ingmoten: British Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Also known as Room 010.)


Tacitus2:Make no mistake, Breitbart is a prdiaganopst. He intends to be and is open about it. He views himself as the conservative isomer of what he regards as a media machine that has become an auxilliary unit of one political faction.The media machine IS an auxilliary of a political faction, but that faction is neither "Democrats" nor "liberals". That faction is "corporatists".I'm sure Breitbart sees himself as David against the Goliath of the "liberal media", but really, has there been a "liberal media" since the mid-Reagan years? In Walter Cronkite's day, it might have been understandable for conservatives to feel bashed and ostricised by the nightly news, but not so in Rupert Murdoch's day.


I am only peripherally aware of Mr. Breitbart, and canont speak to his inner workings.His contributions to the public discourse need to be judged as always with an eye to the source.I thought his expose on the poor lady from the Ag Dept was unfair, and notable only for the dispatch with which the Obama admin, well, dispatched her.The ACORN stuff looked pretty damning to me, multiple offices willing to at a minimum wink and bend laws. But I had some dealings with ACORN back in their formative years (early/mid 80s) and am prepared to believe them capable of significant rascality.As to whether the media shills for one political party or just whoever is in power, that is a fair topic of discussion.Tacitus


Posted on Wah . . . Baca Artikel BLOG Wajib Punya mah memang Pas deh . . .tapi yang seru aadlah, ada obrolan antara guru saya Belajar ( Sir BC ) dan Seorang Yang Sukses Di Online ( memang FABIAN selalu jadikan Mas habibie Sebagai salah satau LULUSAN SUKSES ) SEMOGA SUKSES DUA-DUA nya.Btw. . .saya dapet obrolan seminar neh . . . Ikutan dooonggg . . .


Posted on salam kenal Bung Habibie.. kunjungan pmeatra nih ke blog anda.. dan congratz' untuk MP4 playernya.. oia, sempet lihat profile anda di KickAndy beberapa waktu lalu.. akhirnya ketemu juga blog anda.. teuteup semangat Bung.. anda meng-inspirasi begitu banyak orang.. termasuk juga saya.. sekali lagi salam kenal..


"It's fine with me, as long as they're not in French."The Quebeqi seceshes (Secesh is a Civil War slang term I'd love to see reivevd) wouldn't have just lost the Natives, they would have lost Montreal. The Montrealers are genuinely bilingual, and would not want to see English suppressed, any more than French. A lot of them referred to the Office de la langue Francaise as the "Holy Office" - the official name of the Inquisition.Bob P.


This entire admin is fileld with dipsticks .So the US brought up the Arizona statute that enforces the federal laws already on the books…to the freakin Chinese. It wasn’t in response to a question from the Chinese, we brought it up first, and often, according to Posner. like any of em read it .Reply


Dr. Brin, my friends and I had a cotwpriye question and wondered if you knew the answer.When someone (your kids, say) inherits copyright from a deceased artist, how does Estate Tax take effect? Does it do nothing and just let the inheritor pay income tax? Does it require a auditor to declare the value of the inherited copyright?(I hope the question isn't too macabre, and my apologies if it is)


Tony Fisk:I wasn't really paynig attention at the time, but Ford never struck me as a monster. Just accident-prone. I believe Dr Brin was talking about how Republican presidential candidates pick RUNNING MATES. Ford was appointed veep when Spiro Agnew resigned, so he was never a running mate.(I haven't read to the bottom of the posts yet, so maybe someone else already mentioned this?)


I loved her on the Xfactor and I love swagger jagegr but not because it's a good song but because it's delightfully obnoxious. I think she should have gone in the adult/R%B/a little pop direction ex. loved the sorry seems to be the hardest word performance. She's still young so hopefully she'll change. But if this is what she really wanted then I hope she finds success.


Posted on selamat Sore Mas hbiibae.. Saya mengundang untuk turut serta di kontes review seo indonesia untuk membantu kami team indonesia untuk Busby SEO Contest Ditunggu kabar positifnya yah Salam Team


that we simply seek the Master scluotpr who created all that beauty.Is the New Age movement still hot? It seems to be much less hot since the world decided not to end on 1/1/2000, but then again I'm probably out of the loop. I just remember reading about some of the New Age meccas out in Sedona and I think that's where Maurice Strong built his gargantuan mecca to himself. Anyhoo, looking forward to your second installment!Maryanne


Posted on Kita harus memiliki renknieg dollar utk bisa mencairkan ceknya. Untuk bank lain selain BRI, mungkin bisa dicoba seperti HSBC, Citibank namun saldo awal nya cukup besar.


Unique, as always! I found a cool fxurite for the hallway that is right up your taste alley. It's rather 50's space-saucery looking with moons and stars on it. Found it at Lowes. And where those pumpkin pancakes I saw a couple entries back?? LOL!

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