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Hilarious! Mi auguro che i membri del APWU non seguono questo blog. Mi chiedo che tipo di esperienze Becker ha avuto con la United States Postal Service.

"La posta elettronica è molto più efficiente rispetto alla snail mail appropriatamente chiamato, il che spiega perché la comunicazione e-mail è cresciuto così rapidamente, anche tra gli anziani."

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We had expected to blog yesterday (Sunday) on the question whether to subsidize U.S. manufacturing. We have run into a delay, but hope to post soon.

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Thanks, John, for those comments, and taknhs to everyone else here. I feel quite at home in the ideas and discussion.For the record, the CRCP and the site were originally started by John Zeger here in Kelowna. I was invited to join the group somewhat after the fact, when we became aware of each other's efforts.The associated discussion forum was orginally hijacked by some of the growth machine apologists here, but we managed to regain control by implementing strict participant requirements. I suspect that that scenario has been repeated many times in other places.And no, we are not looking for a Nobel prize either. The prize we seek is the survival of a sane human race, and we're doing our best to send out shock waves in a rapidly-growing community. Kelowna is currently growing at more than three times the Canadian national rate.Thanks to everyone here for working toward similar goals.


. The topics we've been dissnsciug in comments lately denial, the cultural structures which hold us back from seeing, much less acting, the strong tendency toward greed and immediate gratification, and the fear you wrote of just above currently have me thinking this over and seeing my thoughts evolve and shift one way or the other from day to day. It's a fascinating, frightening topic, and I just don't know what my view of it will be just a short time down the road. We surely are dealing with some powerful human tendencies woven completely into the fabric of our culture(s). A whole new human species , a cultural shift, maybe a taking apart of culture and putting it back together something of these sorts may be required.Okay, do you have a wrench handy?

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