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exactly, there is a drop of employment on this industry but there are lots of consideration and factor to examine why it was. And i guess the author explain it well.

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there is only one thing i could say, it is because of the gov't who doesn't make any good at all but lots of promises during the campaign.

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This seems to be the problem as technology becomes more and more readily available, not to mention cheaper and less risky to use. More and more manufacturing companies are using a capital intensive program rather than a labor intensive one. They only apply skilled labor to operate machinery. Skilled labor pays higher but it requires a lower number of laborers. This has always been the trade-off. And as said by economists, nothing we do to increase efficiency and profitability ceases to create trade-offs. These trade-offs may be seen in the environment, in the labor market as well as other sectors.

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In a normal era when money does not grow on tax policy subsidized housing, those hoping to increase their income or net worth would be ferreting out businesses in which to invest.

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We're not "China" and can't dictate the bootstrapping efforts but we are in a situation that like a World War requires some direction from our democratic process.

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i dont think it is a concern seen these facts:

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Manufacturing Renaissance: Four Goals for Economic Growth
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The Manufacturing Institute and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) partnered to produce the 2011 Structural Cost Study. This report is the fourth in our on-going series comparing the structural costs of the United States to our nine largest trading partners.

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The United States is the world's largest manufacturing economy, producing 21 percent of global manufactured products. China is second at 15 percent and Japan is third at 12 percent. 1

U.S. manufacturing produces $1.7 trillion of value each year, or 11.7 percent of U.S. GDP. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.35 is added to the economy. 2

Manufacturing supports an estimated 17 million jobs in the U.S.—about one in six private sector jobs. 3 Nearly 12 million Americans (or 9 percent of the workforce) are employed directly in manufacturing. 4

In 2010, the average U.S. manufacturing worker earned $77,186 annually, including pay and benefits. The average non-manufacturing worker earned $56,436 annually. 5

U.S. manufacturers are the most productive workers in the world—far surpassing the worker productivity of any other major manufacturing economy, leading to higher wages and living standards.

U.S. manufacturers perform two-thirds of all R&D in the nation, driving more innovation than any other sector. 6

Taken alone, U.S. Manufacturing would be the 9th largest economy in the world. 7

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Hopefully the industry will pick up and boost the economy.

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