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Damn Gary. A paragraph break would kill you?


I think the U.S. has the ability to control the world oil prices,


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now all these things which can control the oil and this kind of product prices can be converted into action by the unilted state. this is because of US has the agreement with the other countries which have the large source of the oil and another reason is the power of the US.

Jack Walton

For the first time in perhaps half a century, steel plants are being opened in Youngstown OH -- these will manufacture "tubular" and other goods for the oil and natural gas industries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, W. Virginia and Kentucky. Until last year I had never seen a Baker Hughes truck on I-80, now you see them all the time.

Can you imagine that Buffalo NY could come back to life if NY State would allow fracking in their portion of the Marcellus?

The associated "liquids" that can be chilled out of the natural gas will set off a boom for the US Chemical industry as gas liquids are easier to turn into ethylene, and thence into polyethylene, anti-freeze, polyester fiber etc., etc.

Patrick Sullivan

I agree, AT LEAST, 3 or 4 paragraphs would make for easier reading.


"Domestic Energy Self Sufficiency" as a policy goal? Don't make me laugh! Haven't we been trying to acheive this since at least the 1920's - 30's? As for the pricing mechanism (oil commodity futures market) that's a whole "nother ball game" that would require a full blown Thesis if not more to fully explain and articulate... ;)

As for the Engineering and Production aspects, that can be easily explained by a fundamental engineering formula that states:

Accumulation = Inflow - Outflow

or to put it another way:

Energy Self Sufficiency is equivalent to Supply - Usage which must be greater than or equal to zero. So in order to acheive the policy aim one must work on both sides of the equation. The supply must be increased and the usage side must be decreased.

As for increasing the "Supply side" there is the advent of new technologies that enhances Well performance such as horizontal drilling and fracking, bringing resources online that otherwise would be idle. There is also the development of new technologies that allow resources here to fore that were unaccessible to be accessed. Opening up new areas for drilling. Such as, Arctic Offshore, Presalt Deepwater, Oil Shale, Oil Sands. There is also the new developments in Biofuels and the various conversion technologies to convert various fossil fuels into different energy sources. Such as the Exxon Donor Solvent process, Fischer-Tropsch, and other chemical conversion process's. But all of these process's have certain problems and in order to protect the Public's Health, Safety and the Environment, we need to proceed cautiously and carefully.

As for the usage side, there are technological developments that can be utilized to increase efficiencies and hence conservation lowering usage. One of the latest is the Federal Program requiring Incandescence Lighting to be replaced by the much more efficient Flourescent or LED lighting. Not too mention the required efficiency developments in Combustion and Combustion units. Be they Transportation units, Boilers and Industrial Furnaces, Home heating and cooking elements and any of the energy users.

There is also the ongoing development in new energy production. Such as wind, solar, nuclear (both fission and fusion) and most importantly biomass conversion.

The Energy future of the Country is "bright", provided we proceed to continue to develop new technologies and respond to the problem in a progressive and positive manner and this includes operating with the Public's Health, Safety and the environment in mind. Taking into account that nothing is risk free, which in some cases may require "on balance decisions".

Now we need to take a close look at that rather sticky pricing mechnism that we currently have in place...


Who owns the oil and gas resources that rools the world. Many of the wars caused by the gas and oil. People should try to use these resources as little as possible and everything would be all right.


NEH NG prices give us "one more chance" to benefit from low cost energy. We should be moving at Manhattan project speed to shift heavy transport (consuming 25% of oil) to NG.

Lighter transport should soon benefit from a lower cost "300 mile" battery that's in the wings.

Here in Alaska where "we" were disappointed that a $35 billion 50" pipeline is not needed to serve the L-48, our pols and fools keep trying to make one mega-project look good enough to raid our fatted Treasury for one kind of subsidy or another.

It is frustrating that we've trillions of CF of NG stranded at the slope with transportation costs too high to move it to market.

One intriguing possibility is a gas to liquids project, at the slope so the resulting premium, low sulphur diesel, could catch a ride on excess capacity of the existing pipeline.


Here's a 200,000 bbl/day project just finishing up in Qatar. We've a million bbl a day of unused pipeline capacity, but there is likely more oil coming from Shell's HUGE (but controversial) offshore (arctic) reservoir. So...... mebbe, a 300,000 bbl/ day project bringing $10 billion plus, worth of diesel or other precious liquids to our US market a year.

Ahhh, yes! The "sticky pricing mechanism". I'm beyond certain too many dollars are chasing high oil prices (even regular stock salesmen at retail level speak of "putting clients IN commodities," as if that were an investment rather than a straight up zero sum gamble. Needs work!

But unless the thing is completely screwed up were the US to rapidly shift to NG, battery power, etc. at some point those holding long contracts "should" get nervous and withdraw or bet on the short side.


There was just a Congressional hearing on oil price market manipulation with lots of detail about how much money has rushed in to push these "markets" higher.

There HAS been a CFTC reform that passed both the Senate and House...... but! not the 60 votes for closure. What those few missing votes are costing Americans is half a buck to a buck at the pump. The amount going into the gas tank MORE than wipes out the economy spurring efforts of the payroll tax rollback.

There's a classic Econ example of inflation that takes place at an auction where the participants each have $500. Things go along pretty well w/o any excessive speculation until it's noticed that someone is walking around in the back of the room handing out $20 bills. Yep..... sure enough prices increased.

Oil? There is on the order of Half a Trillion too much money gambling on oil prices. As oil soars from $35 in 2004 to over $140 a short time later, back to $75 and now over $100 again it is WE all the consumers of the world paying with our hard-earned dollars and paying again because our fragile economy can not bear having the $120 BILLION/year extracted from it to the benefit of the very same Wall Street thieves who just finished with us on the faux housing boom.

In typically oil hungry N/E where they've had a mild "non-winter" heating oil continues to climb. Now who controls most of the contracts? Airlines hedging their bets? Gas or oil distributors trying stabilize prices? Nope........ Morgan Stanley.

While it's good to have a look at production and import "markets" and policies, this week's topic seems a delaying tactic of showmanship - handwringing as the oil cos and Wall Street Thieves again have their way with us and nip the fragile recovery in the bud.


This is your future, from the continent you have now irreversibly chosen to follow:


Where taxes alone on a gallon of gas are more than the total Americans pay.

Prepare. The paradise of flatter effort-reward curves is coming.

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I think the U.S. has the ability to control the world oil prices,


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Who owns the oil and gas resources that rools the world. Many of the wars caused by the gas and oil. People should try to use these resources as little as possible and everything would be all right.

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I think the U.S. has the ability to control the world oil prices and they are a monopolist in the market in global scale.

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I bet US has some grand plans when it comes to using its resources. And yes, this is such a pain to read because there was no paragraph breaks. It was quite a read.

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One thing that we need to clarify is our terminology in this debate.

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I agree. But the question is the time frame.

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