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environmental articles

I agree, however people do not follow the laws and this is why we have the problem we have. I know for a fact that in Baltimore Maryland, factories release chemicals out into the air when it gets dark so they don't get caught. It's hard to fight pollution when there are so many people breaking the laws. Thank you.

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The price of oil is through the roof.

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A natural gas furnace is a heating system fueled by natural gas, usually delivered through a utility line. It is one of the most common and cost-effective types of furnaces.

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Roger Bannister is believed having announced The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.

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Stan "the fix it man"

Gary…excellent paragraph, it contained every thing needed with out the fluff.
The key issue here is new uses for natural gas that create jobs that will create more jobs in America rather than export gas, and this demand will increase the price. One aspect of domestic natural gas is the distribution system. It is deteriorating and could create a million new high paying jobs that would create another 5 million jobs to support those and all needing more gas. Once these lines are at capacity for existing use then create a new electrical energy industry that is distributive rather than centralized. We have to talk on this one but what if every household and every business in America made oxygenated Syn-Gasoline or Butanol as they converted Carbon Dioxide and natural gas by generating their electrical needs on- site. Then a whole new industry would emerge with competition to place detectors on all the highways to asses and charge mileage to each vehicle rather than fuel taxes as now. The Government would become a GSE rather than a big brother. This however is just the tip of the iceberg… and speaking of “ice “, how many ice men ( house to house delivery service jobs) lost their jobs because of Frigidaire? Well we need to create an industry that puts all the ice men (house to house delivery jobs) back to work in the natural gas industry; this is just one of thousands of real possibilities for participatory economics or as I call it…the new Nano- economy .
Stan “the fix it man”


Thanks to their strong Symbiotic-Parasitic renotialship, the GOP and Corporate Captains of Industry are crushing the workers in ways that we haven't seen since the pre-Teddy Roosevelt days. I DO NOT advocate a Communist system of government, but I believe the ONLY alternative we have is to unite again under the IWW banner (Industrial Workers of the World), and form one big collective bargaining unit to stand up for workers' rights and stand against the greedy oppressors. I personally have no connection with the IWW or any member of the IWW. But I know they are starting to make inroads in a number of industries. Unlike 100 years ago, we now have the communication technology to call a worldwide general strike, and worldwide product boycotts, and a number of other tactics to force the greedy oppressors to treat the world's workers fairly. How fast can we make this happen?


Justamente lo que es necesario. Juntos podemos llegar a la respuesta correcta. Soy seguro.

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