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Thank you for such an informative website and post on the EU debt crisis. This is particularly the case when there seems to be constant and volatile opposition in these weaker EU nations to austerity measures.

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Will China Overtake Us? which is good news for both the US and the Chinese people.

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The way I found out about fracking is through Mark Ruffalo as he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Sounds like Mr. Ruffalo is truly convinced that fracking is bad, not just to the environment in general, but also to the folks living in neighborhood where water could be contaminated.

Here is the link:



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Fracking's safety and efeeetivcnfss is all about the quality of the operator and the exercise of power by the state. Interview the Shell Oil experts who are confident fracking can be safe and effective. Interview the Sierra Club of Texas to find out how the state's environmental "protection" agency is unlikely to impose on all operators the higher standards of fracking that dependable companies like Shell Oil espouses. Interview the Governor of Texas and ask him why he protects Wyoming and Montana coal interests to supply dirty Texas coal fired electric plants instead of creating clean air and low cost energy and most importantly lasting jobs, jobs, jobs, for Texas, by turning to a domestic natural gas energy policy. These are the issues you should be addressing. Domestic natural gas production can be safe. Until the cost and efficiency and technological gap of solar, wind, and clean low cost alternaives are achieved, it is our nation's only realistic hope in the near future for jobs, clean air, energy independence, and the national security all of that brings to us.


Rather than the Fracking for Natural Gas, we should use the Nitrogen meohtd see my patents which pulls all the fuels from oil shale. Why leave 80% of the fuel in the ground. It is that portion that is contaminating the water sources. Yes, CryoRain Inc.'s Hydrocarbon Harvesting brings out the Natural Gas along with the ethers, gasoline, kerosene (jet fuel and diesel) and heating oil. That solves the fuel problem from home heat to the highway as well as the Natural Gas to power electric generators.


Am I the only one who feels that there is a large amount of price gogniug going on. The taking advantage of the fact that we have no say on how much we use,, we dont make the cars,,and thoiugh we try to avoid thelong drives,,and traffic,,we are still expected to bare the cost, and responsibility. We all know that expecting thegovernment to actually do,,or even say anything that would upset the fuel providers is rediculous,,their revenueis only benifited by the fact the price goes up. The government do something to reduce,,or control their ownincome,,fat chance. This whole thing is nothing but profiteering,,,using any and all outlandish excuses toraise prices,,,


Stanley Watras was employed as a cotncrustion engineer at Limerick nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania when he set off the radiation alarms on his way to work in 1984. this was due to a large granite rock underneath his house. why dont you look it up? its well documented EVERYWHERE on the internet.

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ley Watras was employed as a cotncrustion engineer at Limerick nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania when he set off the radiation alarm


Look in your owner's manual and use wheetvar is recommended.Most likely it will be premium unleaded and the brand really doesn't make much difference.To use a higher octane fuel than is required is simply a waste of money.To use a lower octane than is required can cause engine damage due to detonation of the fuel air mixture in your engine.My recommendation as far as taking good care of your car is simple.Just follow the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual and use the fluid and components recommended.Following the owner's manual directions, you can't go wrong and you can safely ignore any conflicting advice.


Well I assume you have the 3.5 or 3.7 eignne your supposed to use Premium unleaded I would recommend name brand the cheapest price places generally have watered down gas. I run premium in my 04 g35 it runs great tried mid grade it was sluggish and stalled.


There is anything but bornig information here . You can now become part of something bigger. At PoGosh our plan is to build the largest interactive community involved in advancing science and health for the betterment of humanity. Humanity has only one direction in which it is moving and that is to further freedom not just in our governmental controls but also with respect to our minds and collective knowledge. Our ability and humans to work together in an attempt to advance our collective abilities is nothing short of amazing. The people have spoken and the movement will not slow or falter. Support our worldwide health efforts


Melanie,Sorry for using energy speak. Your TDSP is your trminaissson distribution service provider, does that help? Probably not. It's the company that you call during an outage, reads your meter and maintains the poles and wires in your area. It could be AEP, Oncor, CenterPoint or TNMP, depending on where you live. Let me know what city you live in, and I'm happy to post the link to its energy-efficiency program.Thanks for reading the blog,Catherine

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Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few wh o find it.

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