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beautiful,Hence they too usually can finance their larger student debts without much hardship.

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Many people do not and should not go to college just to earn more.

Students also go to college to learn, to pursue arts, to perform social and science experiments and to broaded their minds. Collectively this education can help drive society and mankind to higher heights.

The danger of charging high fees is that people are discouraged from pursuing non-vocational courses. The world would be a much poorer place if college functions solely to help corporate America.

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Thank you for this post! I understand many go to college to make more money in the long run but what plays a part the most here are life experience degrees. I believe student debt is at a greater risk because with the economy, students cannot pay their loans off. Most should not go to college to make the most money, but to learn and get a job doing what you love most. I went to college to progress in my field and I plan on going back to school one day to pick up something else. When choosing what degree you want, make sure to choose the best college to get that degree at. Once again, thank you for this exciting post. Hope this finds you and many well. Have a great day!

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Heres what you need to do:Start carrying a list with you and wriitng down everytime you purchase something.. even it it's a .50 or $1 item you need to write it down. Do this for 2-3 weeks.Next sit down with all your bills, paycheck and that list. Figure out how much money you have each month with paying the miniums on everything. Call everyone you owe money to and set up a payment plan. Usually they will accept anything and with doing your budget you will see how much you can afford to pay monthly.Then figure out which debt is accuring the highest interest rate. Pay any extra you can do it while paying the minium on everything else. Once one debt is paid off take that money and apply it to your next highest accuring debt and start paying away at it.Now, keep in mind you should also be saving a emergancy fund. This typically is a 3-6month worth of living expenses. It's not to go shopping or out to eat with it's for emergancy such as a lose of job, car repairs etc.. Save 10% each month or take the extra money you where paying to the highest accuring debt and save it and just pay the minium until your emergancy fund is in line.Now you will want to see what bills you can get rid of or cut down on. You will see with carrying that list you probably spend on items you don't need to or could spend less on. Examples are taking a lunch to work with you, making your morning coffee and take with you, cut down your cell phone or home phone, same with cable and internet.. make 2 or 3 days worth of meals at once as it will save you money and time.. eat alot of soups, vegatables and pastas.. You also should look into getting a 2nd job or a roommate if you have a extra room.Remember you must live frugally to make it through this. Your habits must change and if you really focus on it, it will happen and one day soon you will be debt free.. After all isn't that the American dream to be debt free and retire one day? Whatever your goal and dreams are keep them in mind during this process and it will help you make it through. You might want to go to the library and get a book by Dave Ramsey called The total money makeover. Good luck and happy holidays


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When I was in college, senutdt loans didn't start accruing interest until after graduation and you got 10 years to pay them off. Plus you didn't have to make payments until 6 months after you graduated. Since then some of the tax laws have changed. I think your best approach is to talk to an accountant. $34K is a lot of money to be on the hook for and I doubt you can get 10 years to pay that back unless it is secured by an asset like a house. And if you do have a house you're going to need enough equity to cash out.The fact you are still in school (and I assume unemployed) makes getting a loan very, very difficult. Debt is a *****. Take what you have, look at your income, look at what your payments are/will be and see if you can fit it all into a monthly budget so you don't default and can still have cash flow at the end of the month. Make the budget fit your income and not the other way around.But to your other comment $14K to cover moving expenses? HAHAHAHA! I don't think so.Go see a financial professional and remember cash is king.


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The cool thing about the Parent PLUS Loan is that it's actually bteetr for you if your parents are denied the PLUS Loan. A bankruptcy will help that along. If your parents are denied the PLUS loan, then the government has recognized that you really have no other ways to pay for college now, so a whole new world is opened up in Financial Aid. Talk with your financial aid advisor immediately about the PLUS loan.


Fortunately, if your parents are reecetjd for a federal supplement loan, you are automatically approved for additional federal student loans without a cosigner (roughly the amount of the PLUS loan). I was able to complete college this way. Call your school's financial aid office to start your parents approval/rejection process now, because they must receive a rejection before you are eligible for the loan without a cosign. Best of luck!


many times it's a gimmick.For exlpmae, if you are paying 300 a month on a loan that would be paid off in 10 years, the debt consolidation people will let you have a monthly payment of 200 a month .. but it will take 30 years to pay it off.They flash a lower monthly payment in front of you, then end up ******* about 2-3 times more money out of you in the long haul

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