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As long as you've been making ptmyenas on time, you probably shouldn't get credit counselling because it will be a bad mark on your credit. Pick your card or consolidation loan with the highest interest and put all the extra money you can into paying it off, making the minimum payment on everything else. If you get a chunk of money from a tax refund or whatever, put it towards the highest interest card. When you have that one paid off, take what you were paying monthly towards that one, and now use that money to put towards the next card, in ADDITION to what you were already paying the next card. Stay with the minimum ptmyenas on the student loan and the medical bills because they will have the lowest interest, and they don't hurt your credit so much if they're part of your debts. Do research on frugal living and money management to find out exactly where your money is going and tips on how to reduce your day to day spending on food, groceries, and other extra items. Like, you could use cloth diapers because disposables are so expensive. You can make your own baby wipes out of papertowels, baby soap and baby oil and it's WAY cheaper than buying them in the box at the store. You can find all kinds of ways to reduce your spending by finding cheaper alternatives to the things you buy every day or every week.


I don't think there are any services that will codntlisaoe a student loan with your credit card debt. I have seen where students will take out a bit extra in their loans and pay off their CCs with that, since the student loans are at a cheaper rate, and get even lower when you codntlisaoe them after graduation. You can find debt management services to help you with the CCs, or even get a line of credit with a bank, the rates will typically be 10% lower than most CCs (that's at a high of 23-26% on the CC). Not great, but it still allows your payment to stretch further when paying off the CC. However, debt management services will do exactly what I state in the paragraphs below, when it comes to repayment. So it might be better for you to try it yourself first.You have to understand that CCs, much like loan brokers, are looking to make their money first, so your payments up front will spend more going towards the interest payments than the principle. If you can pay over your minimums, you can pay it off that much faster. And if you have several CCs, start with the one that has the most balance on it, and the highest rate, pay it off first, and pay more than the minimum, then move that amount you were paying on the card to the NEXT, once the first card is paid off. And with your student loans, you can save money on them by taking a graduated payment and consolidating them. However, there are drawbacks to consolidation, you are stuck paying them, you cannot defer or default IIRC. Check out the links below for more advice on this area. I've read most of her books, she's a great financial person.


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if you take out a student loan next sestmeer and use the proceeds to send a payment to your credit card, then the card will be paid. Since loans can be used for living expenses, such as, rent, utilities, fuel, auto maintenence. I used to have friends that took out loans to go on vacation during Spring break. The thing is, your school will take whatever you owe them first then the rest is for you to use for your expenses. Deposit your balance into your checking account; then write a check for your payment. This eliminates one balance, just don't make it a habit to use credit cards for impulse purchases, that is dangerous whether you are in school or not.

Pikavipit Vippiä

Most of the poor families are hugging student loan even the interest is really high,now a days there is a lot of student have a very bad debt and it was really high number of them,in Finland most of the people are using loan for some finances some are also using student loan and for them is really helpful that't why their debt is really manage very well.

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School and I never really got along, but now that I am a little older I was thinking about going back to school. I am just not sure what for. I heard about life experience degrees, that might be something I am interested in. Or I could do something like stenography but I am worried about how much its going to cost. I need to do some more research, thanks for the great information!

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