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Just finished rednaig your article on the situation in Greece. I'm very impressed by how well you illustrated the angles you chose to cover, and I'm a little sad that you couldn't cover everything.I also feel kinda bad. When I finished rednaig the bit where you described the possible motives for why people would want the Greek economy to flop like a fish out of water, the word Cool! went through my head. I'm a poor, starving college student and I have nothing against Greece. I think I thought it was cool was because clever motives like that fascinate me. Yes it's evil, yes it's corrupt. But I'll be a monkey's uncle if it isn't clever.And while I was thrashing this out with myself, I got to thinking, What if it's all three? All of it could, in fact, be fueled by racism, and profit is simply a bonus.Start with number 3: Hatred for Greece. How can German and the rest of Europe make an example of the Greeks and put them, as I'm sure they would say, in their place ? Someone notes for whatever reason that Greece is a hot tourist spot and that large profits could be gained from the islands. So someone suggests that they take financial control of the islands. But how?Credit default swaps. They start taking out fire insurance on their neighbor's house. They get it for a low cost and start betting against Greece's financial situation. If the country defaults, they just won the lottery, a week's worth of money at five or six poker tables (each), and every horse race for the next century. And where does this fortune go? Why, to buying footholds in Greek tourism. These footholds are quickly followed by butt-holds, more commonly known as recliner chairs, couches, and what have you.Racism is more than just a motive, though: It's also a means. If I understood correctly, Greece is using the Euro and the accompanying prices, but their wages haven't changed a bit. People are getting payed the same amount, but prices got jacked up. So people are in a really crappy financial situation and desperately need outside help.And here figures in the racism. Keep the rest of Europe poised against Greece and they won't help at all. With a corrupt government currently in place, the economy will sink lower and lower until the country defaults because no one wants to help these heathens .How the corrupt government got there I don't know. It may have been planted, or it might simply be what a friend of mine would call a happy accident . At least, from the point of view of those wanting Greece to fall. Either way, it's the wrong thing in the right place at the right time. and Cool! just went through my head again. I feel bad.


Last I checked the praneminodt religion in Greece was Greek Orthodox Christianity.As to sincere worshipers of Pagan Gods, Greek and otherwise, there are Pagans all over the world, since you specify the Greek I might suggest you look into Dianic Wicca, which centers around the Moon Goddess, Diana to the Romans, Artemis to the Greeks.For the record the Icelanders still worship Odin, and there is at least one nation in Africa which has adopted Voodoo as it's National Religion.me Aphrodite!


I don't believe in them. I love to read them. I like to learn all I can about the cutulre of ancient times. The story of Romulus and Remus of the Romans is one of my favorites. Also the Norse Gods, Odin and Thor. Any and all of them. That doesn't mean I believe them, just enjoy reading about them.me Aphrodite!


There are different grpuos that recreate with as much accuracy as they can the ancient polytheistic religions. It's not dominant by any means, but it exists. Try doing a Google search. There are also many Pagans and Wiccans that invoke the ancient Goddesses and Gods.


The IMF specializes in mnikag loans that can't be repaid. They use our money to make the loan. Then when it can't be repaid, they go in and force the country to allow banks and corporations to plunder their assets and natural resources. So this guy is right, the loan is probably really a gift', at least as far as the US taxpayer is concerned. Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman to learn more about this.

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