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George  J. Georganas

The record of Greece "having additional flexibility from controlling its own currency" between 1973 and 1993 is one of stagnation. Starting in 1994 and preparing for the euro by stabilizing the exchange rate led to a period of rapid growth between 1994 and 2001. After the euro was introduced in 2002, whatever growth there was, was due to large inflows of funds. This inflow has been reversing itself since 2007. In view of this record, would one still advocate Greece leaving the euro and watering down the reforms in the government sector and labor markets ?

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I think Uni Europe will destroy themself

Vasos Panagiotopoulos

The Leftist elites who have dominated Greek politics for over a century
shamelessly drove their Trojan Horse into Brusselles and are now
incredulous they have been
caught. Click
and read this to see how 1893 and 1453 were very similar.


The problem with Greece and other E.U. countires is not with currency reform; either the Euro or host of National currencies. But lies in the continued use of an archaic economic mindset and Banking and credit mindset that utilizes the "austerity" approach for the Creditors to recoup their loans and investments in full, plus interst, in the shortest period of time, come what may. What is really required, is the renegotiation of Loan terms and conditions that takes into account the current economic conditions, facts and realities. Without driving various Countries up against the wall...

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NC Law

Reinstituting a Greek currency would allow Greece to control its own fate.

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Die Linke Eliten, die griechische Politik dominiert haben seit über einem Jahrhundert schamlos trieben ihre Trojanisches Pferd in Brusselles und sind nun ungläubig sie gefangen wurden.

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Einführung einer griechischen Währung würde es Griechenland sein eigenes Schicksal zu kontrollieren.


and now what??? :/


I think that exit from the euro might not be the catastrophe some fear, but only if additional steps are taken by the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


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Peter Pearson

In between "leaving the Euro zone" and returning to drachmas, isn't there a third option -- defaulting on Euro-denominated debts and severing formal connections with the European Central Bank, but continuing to use the Euro as a currency? Using a foreign currency is perhaps a blow to national pride, but not a significant vulnerability (witness the US's lack of leverage against Noriega's Panama, which used dollars), and it protects citizens from their own government's tendency to address fiscal problems with inflation.

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Account Deleted

Flush crossing phantom currency:

Euro → Drachma → Euro new exchange rate

for example:
1 Euro → 1 Drachma → 0.9 Euro

No transactions and payments in the drachma.
Only the depreciation of domestic debt!

Period of operation - just a few hours, days.
Greece remains in the euro zone and devalue the domestic debt.
For optimal devaluation of debts that can be repeated.
Sorry for my English. More information in Russian:

Brian Greenberg

I hope Greece stays in. Using the Euro opens up so many trade options between neighboring countries. I think it would be much better for long term success.


I think the Greeks should take advantage of this crisis to take the turpentine out of their wine. Then they could sell some of it to foreign wine drinkers.

Peter Pearson

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Jack Walton

Greece has defaulted 14 times since "The Golden Age of Pericles" according to one pundit.


Euro opens up so many trade options between neighboring countries. I think digital acceeories apple acceeories samsung acceeories

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