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Anne Roberts

That makes sense all of a sudden. Thanks for the correction.


Shucks, Judge Posner, the reminder that you are human is well taken.


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Ashley Casas

We really don't mind. I love your blog. I think I'tll take whatever you say here as the truth. But the correction is much appreciated, of course.


wow!how do you do this!

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Business people in this time thus do not know what to expect from government, but what we do know is that we cannot count on him to consider our interests. He is entirely capable, whether out of disdain or mere ignorance, of taking actions that will really hurt us. Obamacare is a prime example. I am amazed at the broad silence to date on the likely difficulties this new law is going to cause for businesses when it takes full effect.

Petter Joe

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Amii Jeii Gomet

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